With so many holiday card designs and personalization options, the choices might seem overwhelming. But finding the perfect Christmas card doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how to quickly narrow down your options and find a holiday card design you’ll love.

Sending holiday cards is a wonderful Christmas tradition that reminds us of what’s truly important: family, friends and loved ones. By sending out your holiday greetings each year we’re able to connect with those we might not get to spend time with or see throughout the year. Even if you or the recipient doesn’t celebrate Christmas, it’s still important to send a festive greeting and recognize those that mean so much to us.

While you can easily walk in to any big box store and buy an off-the-shelf collection of Christmas cards with a variety of holiday designs, these store bought cards all need to be signed before they’re mailed out. A popular alternative are personalized holiday cards that already include your personal details like names and even photos. Custom holiday cards require more work upfront, but will save you time by not having to be personally signed before being sent out.

Choosing the right holiday card design can seem a bit overwhelming with so many designs to choose from. But there’s an easy way to narrow down your choices and find a beautiful, personalized holiday card that you will love sending out and your family, friends and loved ones will love receiving.

Start with these five simple questions.

1. Do You Want To Use A Photo?

This should be the first question to ask. If you’re adding photos to your Christmas cards, you can quickly narrow down your options and view card designs that only feature photos. You can limit your choices even further by selecting the number of photos you’d like to feature, from one to five or more. Once you decide on whether or not you want a photo card, you can start evaluating other options.

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2. Do You Want A Religious Card?

This is another important consideration and it might depend on who you’re sending your Christmas cards to. If you’re sending cards to your business contacts, coworkers or friends who do not observe Christmas, you might want to opt for more generic holiday cards without a religious message. If you’d like to include a religious message to your loved ones, consider getting two smaller sets of cards.

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3. Do You Have A Special Announcement To Share?

Take advantage of the festive season to share important news with your family and friends through a holiday announcement card. Whether you’re sharing the happy news of a new baby, new home or another important milestone, you can use your holiday cards to tell everyone about your announcement. Create a unique baby or pregnancy announcement, or include a photo of your recent wedding to announce your union. If you’re planning on moving or recently relocated, include your new home address on your holiday cards so everyone knows how to stay in touch with you.

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4. Which Card Format Do You Prefer?

If you have a preference for the format of the card, simply narrow down your choices to view only your preferred card type. Folded cards have that classic feel and have room for you to write your own message on the inside of the card, if you’d like. Flat cards have a modern, trendy look and give you the option to customize the edge of the card. You can also choose square cards, three-panel cards and round ornament cards that can be hung up right on the Christmas tree. Use the filters in the sidebar to select the precise card format, orientation and size you are interested in shopping for.

5. What Type Of Design Do You Gravitate Toward?

In the end, it all comes down to the holiday card’s specific design and aesthetic. Are you leaning more towards a classic or traditional Christmas card that includes the typical holiday imagery of Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, hollies, poinsettias and other Christmas icons? Or are you more interested in a design with modern or trendy elements, or simply a more minimalist, simplistic feel?

With our unique, custom designs you can create a card that represents each member of the family. If you have a family pet you’d like to include, you can browse designs that are dog, cat and pet friendly. You can even find holiday cards with a little bit humor by selecting from our funny and playful design options. Use the available filters to narrow down your options to the theme and design that you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found the perfect design, making your custom cards is easy at Personalization Mall. Just add your family name, individual names, personal message and if you want, upload one or a collection of photos. After you customize your holiday cards, check out our matching address labels or return address stamps to complete your custom holiday stationery set. With high-quality, customized Christmas cards your loved ones are sure to cherish your thoughtful sentiment this holiday season.


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.

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