Looking for ideas on how to make Father’s Day special for Grandpa? Here are three easy, budget-friendly ways to make your grandfather feel loved and appreciated.

Want to make this Father’s Day extra special for your grandpa or father who is a grandfather to your kids? Whether he’s a grandpa to be, first-time grandfather, or granddad of many years, you can honor him in a fun and unique way this Father’s Day.

Here are three Father’s Day ideas for Grandpa that will make him feel truly loved and appreciated on this special day.

1. Create a DIY gift for grandpa

There’s something about a handmade gift that makes it more sentimental and memorable. And do-it-yourself gifts are especially great when you have a pair of little hands helping out.

fathers day ideas for grandpa with granddaughter holding "I Love Grandpa" sign"

Think simple and create something that will remind Grandpa of this Father’s Day for years to come. One of our favorites is this handmade Scrabble letter frame (pictured above). All you need is a picture frame, glue, and some old Scrabble letters. Ask kids to help create the artwork or present it to Grandpa for a fun photo opportunity.

fathers day ideas for grandpa with diy treats jar

Another easy and budget-friendly gift is a jar of his favorite snacks with a custom DIY label on the front of the jar. Check out Saving Dollars and Sense for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the perfect treat jars for Father’s Day. It also has a printable label in case you want to save a little time but still create a one-of-a-kind gift that’s truly meaningful.

If you don’t have time to make a gift, consider a Personalized Father’s Day gift for Grandpa that you get to design and customize just for him!

2. Make Grandpa’s favorite meal

Whether it’s a family brunch, picnic lunch, or fun BBQ outside, take the time to cook Grandpa his favorite meal so you can enjoy it together as a family. Get the grandkids to help set the table, serve drinks, and keep Granddad company during the meal.

fathers day ideas for grandpa with grilling meat

Opt for a home-cooked meal instead of dining out to make mealtime more intimate and relaxed. Heading out to a restaurant on a busy day like Father’s Day can often feel like a rushed, hectic experience. Take some time to plan for the feast a few days ahead so you have all the ingredients, including drinks, on hand the day of. And remind everyone that phones and tablets should be put away during the meal so everyone can focus on having a good time.

3. Spend time doing his favorite things

To truly make Grandpa feel special on Father’s Day, consider doing something he really enjoys. Whether it’s an afternoon fishing trip, a hike in the woods, a round of golf (or mini golf), or a day spent helping him in the garden, take the time to do something he loves. He’ll be so glad to have company while enjoying his favorite hobby with the people he loves.

fathers day ideas for grandpa with fishing with Grandpa

Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend Father’s Day being busy. You can also just plan on relaxing and enjoying the time you have with family. Ask Grandpa to tell a story from when he was a boy, or ask him to show you some old photos or souvenirs from the past. Simply spending quality time will make the whole day exceptional.

The most important thing is to let Granddad know that you love him and appreciate everything he’s done for your family. After all, it’s the little things that count the most, and spending time together making memories is what will make this Father’s Day special.


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.

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