The wedding’s over, the guests have gone home and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. While all the planning is behind you, there’s still one important task left: your thank-you cards.

Sending timely thank-you notes to your guests shows how much you appreciate their attendance and support on your special day — but finding the proper wedding thank-you wording can be daunting. Use our tips and sample thank-you notes below to take the guesswork out of showing your gratitude, whether it’s to thank someone for a generous wedding gift or simply to acknowledge a loved one for joining you on your special day.

Plan Your Wedding Thank You Cards In Advance

Wedding Thank You Cards

You may have a whole lot of thank-you cards to write, but the job doesn’t have to be intimidating. Start by deciding on the stationary you want to use, and order it with plenty of time to spare. Create a paper list or spreadsheet of people you need to thank, and keep it updated as you go.

Stick To A Timeline

If a gift arrives before the big day, try to write the thank-you card immediately (even if you wait to send it). After the wedding, set a timeline for yourself, and stick to it. When the honeymoon is over and it’s time to buckle down, carve your list into manageable chunks so you can knock them out in batches.

Traditional wedding thank-you etiquette says you should send thank-you cards within three months of the ceremony or having received a gift. That said, no one will complain if you send yours sooner, and even late gratitude is better than none!

How To Write A Wedding Gift Thank You Note

Wedding Thank You Wording

A heartfelt thank-you card can be brief. The key is to choose wording that is sincere, personal and shares your genuine gratitude.

The greeting you use should match how you would normally refer to the recipient. For a friend, first names are perfectly acceptable. For older or more distant acquaintances, like a friend of your parents, you might choose to use courtesy titles like “Mr.” and “Mrs.” instead.

Open your note by mentioning and thanking them for their gift, if one was given. Include a line or two about how you plan to put the gift to use, especially in the context of you and your spouse’s new married life together.

Wedding Thank You Card Templates

Note: If you received a cash gift, it’s generally considered impolite to mention the amount in your thank-you note. Instead, speak to how you plan to put the gift to use and the value that the experience or item will provide in your new journey.

After acknowledging the gift, express how much the guest’s attendance meant to you. If they traveled for the event, acknowledge their effort. If you can, recall an anecdote from the evening, like how great it was to reconnect after years apart, how wonderful it was to hear a family story that you’d never been told, or how much their kids have grown. In other words, make it personal!

Finish your thank-you card by reiterating how grateful you are for their gift. Mention how you look forward to seeing the guest again, or remember a personal moment from your friendship that will stick with you in your new life. Sign it from both you and your spouse.

Sample Thank-You Notes For Newly Married Couples

Sample Wedding Thank You Cards

Customize our sample thank-you notes below with personal details to thank any guest at your wedding for their generous gift:

Formal Thank You Note Template

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ford,

Thank you so much for the lovely set of kitchen towels. We already have them hanging in our new home, and they look great! It was so wonderful to see you at our wedding and to hear how your son is doing. Thank you again for helping us celebrate our special day.

All our best,
John and Daisy Jones

Informal Thank You Note Template

Dear Rick,

We simply can’t express our gratitude for the incredibly thoughtful framed photo you took of us on our very first date. We found the perfect place to hang it in our front entryway and will toast to your photography skills every time we come home! We’re so glad to have had you at our wedding (and in our lives). Thanks again for helping to make it a night to remember!

With much love,
Beth and Jerry

Start with a simple thank-you card template like the ones above, emphasize your appreciation, and find ways to make it personal. For an extra-special touch that guests will love, create customized thank-you cards with your and your spouse’s names and a photo from your ceremony. Your guests will not only appreciate the thought but also get one more reminder of what a great time they had on your big day.

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