The Sweetest Ways To Say “I Love You” Today & Every Day

How to Say I Love You

The Sweetest Ways To Say “I Love You” Today & Every Day

Looking for a creative way to say “I love you?” Here are 7 ideas for how to bare your heart today and any day.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Have you told someone you love them?

If you’re looking for some creative and unique ways to confess your love on this very special day, or any other day of the year, we’ve put together a short list of the sweetest ways to say “I love you.” We’ve got you covered whether you’re trying to say the three little words for the very first time, or are just looking for a new way to express how deeply you feel.

Try one, or try them all and get the sparks flying!

Love Notes Silver Envelope

1. A Little Unexpected Love Note

It’s amazing what a tiny piece of paper can accomplish. You don’t have to bare your heart or write a poem. Just jot down a few sweet nothings on an ordinary piece of paper and tuck it in his jacket pocket, or her purse, or leave it somewhere obvious for them to find. It’s such a simple, yet so effective way to show love in a sweet and unexpected way.

2. A Thinking Of You Message

Another twist on the love note idea is a quick text message that lets them know they’re on your mind. It can be as simple as “thinking of you,” or “you looked great last night,” or my favorite, an emoji blowing a kiss. It’s not so much about what you say but that you remember to say it. The fact that you’ve found the time to think of your sweetheart during your busy day and let them know is what’s important.

3. Small Acts Of Kindness

We all know actions can speak louder than words, and what you do for your significant other can have a big impact. If you know he’s always rushing in the morning, make him a cup of coffee to go so he doesn’t have to. If you know she loves pancakes or waffles, make her breakfast in bed on Sunday. It might not be much, but it’s the little thoughtful, caring actions that count the most.

4. Your Own Secret Traditions

Start a special ritual that helps you connect in a small but meaningful way, like always kissing before you leave for the day, or kissing as soon as one of you comes home, can be a unique way to say “I love you” on a daily basis. Some couples always kiss three times, or have a special kiss that connects them. Other couples have a secret wink or blow kisses at each other. Whatever you choose to do, make it a tradition by always remembering about it.

5. Your Own Secret Code

A different take on the secret traditions is to create a secret code word or words that mean “I love you” to the both of you. This way you can say it in public in an intimate and special way that only the two of you will understand.

6. Out Of The Blue

Some of the best “I love yous” come when they’re least expected. So don’t plan on when and how to say those three precious little words, just blurt them out whenever the mood strikes you. At the supermarket? Tell her you love her while picking out the apples. At home having dinner? Tell him you love him while eating spaghetti and watching TV. Hearing that they’re loved during the most mundane moments of our every day lives can make any day more memorable and special.

7. I Love You Because…

Say “I love you” in a new way every time the mood strikes you with this fun free “I love you because…” printable. Just insert it into any picture frame and use the glass front as a dry erase board to tell your sweetheart exactly how you feel. It’s such a sweet and simple way to remind your significant other that you love and appreciate them.

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