7 Mother’s Day Activities That Are Better Than Gifts

Mother's Day Activities

7 Mother’s Day Activities That Are Better Than Gifts

Make time to create new memories with Mom with these 7 Mother’s Day activities that Mom will surely think are better than any gift.

We all love to shower our Moms with beautiful, thoughtful and unique gifts for Mother’s Day. So what can be better than a gift? Most Moms will say that quality time with their kids and loved ones matters more than a fresh bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or even a personalized gift.

Of course you can still give Mom a gift she deserves, but make sure you make time for her on Mother’s Day. The best gift you can give her are new memories she can hold on to of the happy times you spent together as a family.

So what can you do to make Mother’s Day more special? Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day activities that any Mom will appreciate.

1. Take Her To Her Favorite Spot

If Mom loves antiques, collectibles or fresh flowers and produce, she’ll love a weekend trip to her favorite spot with you — whether it’s an antique shop, a flea market or a farmers market. It’s a great opportunity to connect over something she enjoys and it will make her happy to share her favorite pastimes with her kids.

2. Help Her In Her Garden

For a Mom with a green thumb, nothing sounds more enjoyable than a day spent gardening. May is the perfect time to start planting flowers, herbs and veggies for the summer so start by visiting a local garden shop to pick up some of her favorites. Then spend the day helping her clean up the garden and plant the new plants. She’ll be so happy to have the help and you can enjoy good conversation while you garden.

3. Take A Class Together

Whether it’s a cooking or baking class, an arts and crafts workshop, or a dance or yoga class, you can find a scheduled activity for the two of you to enjoy together. If Mom loves to bake, schedule a cake decorating class. If she’s into crafts, maybe a candle making workshop will pique her interest. There’s tons of great one-time classes to try (some even include food, wine and drinks!) and Mom will be thrilled to have someone to go with.

4. Take A Tour Together

Instead of a class, schedule an outing to visit a new place. It could be a winery or a brewery tour, a city Segway tour, an architectural tour, even a trip to a museum or an art gallery. Make sure to plan this event with your Mom. Start by finding a few options you think she’d enjoy and then sit down with her to plan out the details.

5. Cook For Her

Like most Moms, your Mom probably spends most days cooking for the whole family. Give her a break and surprise her with one of her favorite home-cooked meals on Mother’s Day. Just make sure she doesn’t have to lift a finger. Let her sleep in or relax with a book or her favorite show while you get everything prepared just for her.

7. Head Out For A Picnic Lunch

Mother’s Day might be the most busy time for breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurants. Avoid the long wait times and the busy restaurants by planning ahead and putting together a yummy picnic lunch you can share in a park or nearby forest preserve. If it’s shaping up to be a beautiful sunny day, this is a wonderful option for making lasting memories, especially if your family isn’t used to outdoor picnics.

8. Ask Her To Teach You Something

You might think, how is this a gift for Mom if she’s doing the work? But you’d be surprised how proud and appreciated Mom will feel when you ask her to show you how to bake her legendary corn muffins, make her delicious home-made meatballs, or give you an intro to sewing a quilt, knitting a scarf or sharing one of her favorite hobbies or skills. All parents love to teach their kids and having the opportunity to connect over something she’s good at, will definitely put a smile on her face.

If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift, check out the updated Mother’s Day Gift Guide for unique and thoughtful gift ideas for moms, grandmas and wives.

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