Wedding Anniversary Colors, Flowers & Jewelry

Wedding Anniversary Flowers, Colors & Jewlery

Wedding Anniversary Colors, Flowers & Jewelry

If you’ve celebrated a wedding anniversary, you’re probably aware of the traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year lists. These handy lists help you find a symbolic and meaningful anniversary gift for your spouse or another couple.

Each anniversary year is associated with a specific material that symbolizes that anniversary, from fragile paper (the symbol for the 1st year anniversary) to the strong and enduring diamond (the symbolic gift for the 60th anniversary). As years go by, the anniversary gifts increase in strength and substance, representing the growing strength of the married couple’s relationship.

In addition to the symbolic wedding anniversary gifts by year there are also colors, flowers, jewelry and gemstones associated with many of the years. These can further help guide your gift selections and help you plan decorations for your wedding anniversary parties.

Many of the traditional and modern anniversary gifts also coordinate with the designated colors, flowers and jewelry. For example, the 50th wedding anniversary material is gold — and so is the color and jewelry for that year, while the flowers of choice are yellow roses.

Take a look at the list of wedding anniversary colors, flowers and jewelry for each anniversary year to find inspiration and ideas for your next anniversary gift or anniversary bash.

Anniversary Colors, Flowers & Jewelry By Year


Year Traditional Gifts Modern Gifts Color Flower Jewelry
1st Paper Clocks Gold or Yellow Carnations or Pansies Gold
2nd Cotton China Red or Linen White Lily of the Valley or Cosmos Garnet
3rd Leather Crystal or Glass White or Jade Green Sunflowers or Fuchsia Pearls
4th Fruit or Flowers Appliances Blue or Green Hydrangeas or Geraniums Blue Topaz
5th Wood Silverware Blue, Pink or Turquoise Daisies Sapphire
6th Iron or Candy Wood Purple, Turquoise or White Calla Lilies Amethyst
7th Copper or Wool Desk Sets Onyx, Yellow or Off White Freesia or Jack-in-the-Pulpit Onyx
8th Bronze or Pottery Linens or Lace Tourmaline, Tanzanite or Bronze Lilac or Clematis Tourmaline
9th Pottery or Willow Leather Blue Lapis, Purple, Green, or Terracotta Bird of Paradise or Poppy Lapis Lazuli
10th Aluminum or Tin Diamond Jewelry Silver or Blue Daffodils Diamond
11th Steel Fashion Jewelry Turquoise or Yellow Tulips or Morning Glory Turquoise
12th Linen or Silk Pearls Jade, Opal or Oyster White Peony Jade
13th Lace Textiles Citrine or White Chrysanthemums or Hollyhock Citrine
14th Ivory (faux ivory only) Gold Jewelry Opal or Ivory Dahlias or Orchids Opal
15th Crystal Watches Ruby Red Roses Ruby
16th Coffee or Tea Emerald Green, Red or Silver Peridot
17th Wine & Spirits Yellow Watches
18th Appliances Blue Cat’s Eye
19th Jade Bronze Aquamarine
20th China Platinum Emerald Green or White Aster or Day Lily Emerald
21st Fire Orange Iolite
22nd Water Green Spinel
23rd Air Silver Imperial Topaz
24th Stone Lavender Tanzanite
25th Silver Silver Silver Iris Silver
26th Art
27th Music
28th Linens
29th Tools
30th Pearl Diamond Green Lily or Sweet Pea
31st Travel
32nd Bronze
33rd Iron
34th Food
35th Coral Jade Coral African Violets Emerald
36th Antiques
37th Books
38th Luck
39th Laughter
40th Ruby Ruby Ruby Red Gladiolas or Nasturtium Ruby
41st Office
42nd Clocks & Watches
43rd Entertainment
44th Electronics
45th Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire Blue Blue Iris Sapphire
46th Games
47th Garden & Plants
48th Home Improvement
49th Copper
50th Gold Gold Gold Yellow Roses & Violets Gold
51st Photos & Cameras
52nd Bath & Spa
53rd Plastic
54th Glass
55th Emerald Emerald Emerald Green Calla Lily
56th Day
57th Night
58th Faith & Hope
59th Charity
60th Diamond Diamond Diamond White Orchids
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