Learn all about our new gift box service to make your personalized gifts ready for gift giving.

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but let’s be honest – that’s easier said than done. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is guilty of picking out a bottle of wine based on its fun name or cute label. So why on earth would it be different for gifts? It’s not!

Gift presentation is a very important part of gift giving (except maybe for little kids whose only concern about gift wrap is how quickly they can rip it off their present). The way a gift is presented can “make or break” a present. A gift can be made to look more expensive or cheaper than it actually is based on how it is presented.

You may spend a lot of money on a gift for a loved one, but if you just throw it in a dollar store gift bag, or wrap it in cheap crinkled wrapping paper, you risk the chance of your gift being received with the message, “your day isn’t special enough for me to spend a couple extra dollars or minutes on your gift.”

That’s why we just unveiled our new exclusive gift box service for our customers! We wanted to offer a service to help our customers present the special and unique personalized gifts they created for their loved ones in exquisite fashion. When they see the sophisticated Personalization Mall gift box, they will know they are about to discover a thoughtful and chic treasure that you created just for them. They will be touched to see how important their special day was to you!

Our gift box option can be added on each product page or during checkout for an additional $4.95 or $6.95. We will personally present your gift in our signature black and white gift box – the black and white contrast is so elegant it’s almost as if your present is wrapped in a tuxedo! Inside the gift box, your unique present will be enveloped in crisp white tissue paper just waiting to be discovered! A stylish black ribbon frames our polished and refined logo that makes your gift look like a million bucks!

The gift box option is perfect for out of town relatives who now can be proud to know their loved one is receiving a gift in beautiful fashion instead of only bubble wrap or package peanuts.

Or for the busy bees out there, our gift boxes are so stylish that once you receive the Personalization Mall gift you purchased you can present it to your loved one as is – you won’t even need to spend your precious time wrapping it!

Our gift boxes are already a big hit with our customers but you don’t have to take our word for it, check out all the praise they’ve been getting on our Facebook page.

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If you have a question regarding gift boxing or whether an item can be gift-boxed, please call 866-386-8300 or use our Live Help and Chat Now feature on the main Personalization Mall site.


Kate Sabino is the Senior Paid Social Manager at Personalization Mall.

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