On A Personal Note

On A Personal Note

My high school friend’s birthday was last week, and I sent her a gift to celebrate. She emailed me a thank you message, which is, of course, a polite gesture, but I thought, “How impersonal!” – on both our parts!

Neither one of us bothered to actually pick up the phone to talk in person. We use our busy lives as excuses to lose touch with those who mean the most.

I’m sure we would have enjoyed the chance to “catch up,” but instead we chose to “hurry up!” While technology has improved our lives in so many ways, it has also put us in cocoons, where face to face (or even ear to ear) has become antiquated!

Our company just introduced a new line of personalized note cards, with plenty of room to write a special message to a far-away friend. I plan to do just that! Check out the complete collection…

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