Plan An Egg-Stra Special Egg Hunt

Plan An Egg-Stra Special Egg Hunt

No Easter celebration is complete without an egg hunt!  Whether you’re planning an indoor event for 3 or an outdoor event for 30, we have a few ideas to make it a success:

* Start with Plastic Eggs!  Real eggs can crack, and it’s time-consuming to cook and dye a large batch.  Instead, use the plastic variety and ask everyone to return them at the end of the hunt (for next year!)

* Hide the Prize Inside!  Stuff the plastic eggs with stickers, small wrapped candy or gum (that won’t melt) or coins.  The Golden Dollar coins also make great “bonus” prizes! Go for random winners, rather than the one who has the most eggs.

*  Use Different Colors!  Color code the eggs according to age.  Get two- to three-year-olds looking for blue eggs while those four to six search for green, and so on. That way, the little ones have an equal chance at finding the eggs.

* Make Words!  For the older kids, write a different letter on each egg. Then have them create words with the eggs they’ve found. The kid with the most words wins a prize.

* Be Safe!  Think about your location carefully ahead of time, and be aware of hazards, such as water or traffic.  An open space such a park or football field is ideal. Make sure everyone knows the boundaries, and if you have a large group, ask parents to keep an eye on them.

* Whose Eggs Are Whose?  It’s easy to keep track of everyone’s eggs, with their names on the personalized Bunny Baskets!  Our adorable boy and girl bunnies make the hunt that much more fun!

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