Fiery. Passionate. High energy. If you’ve got an Aries in your life, then you will agree that these words describe them to a T.

Aries, according to Lisa Stardust, a New York City-based astrologist and best-selling author, are also known for being action oriented and taking matters into their own hands. And for those who appreciate and love these highly motivated folks, it’s imperative to pick a birthday present that matches their demeanor.

What to know about Aries

Aries (March 21-April 20) is considered the start of the zodiac calendar, and is the cardinal fire sign. Like the other cardinal signs — Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — Aries represents the beginning of a new season, bringing in the equinoxes and solstices.

birthday gifts for aries with woman rock climbing

As Aries welcomes the spring equinox, it is a sign of growth and rebirth. And, true to the cardinal sign rule, people born under this sign tend to be go-getters, with strong initiative and determination.

Throw in the fact they’re ruled by the planet Mars — “the planet of action,” as Stardust says — and it all adds up to a personality type that is hard to be stopped.

“They’re the ones that like to get things going…and a little bit impulsive, too,” Stardust says.

Best birthday gifts for Aries

With Aries’ inability to sit still for very long, choosing a gift for them that can either help them unwind or make their active lifestyle a little more seamless are both good choices. Think a great pair of athletic shoes or a soothing bath bomb. These may sound like total opposites, but an Aries will appreciate them equally.

Even during their leisure time, Aries love a good adrenaline rush, so a gift card to an adventure center or a high-energy video game are also excellent choices, Stardust says.

And don’t rule out a surprise trip, Stardust says — that feeds into their spontaneous side.

Go-to birthday gifts for Aries

Aries season is almost here. Let’s lean into what we know about this sign to get on the right present-picking track.

Something that grows

Aries aren’t known for being “plant people,” Stardust says, as they’re not particularly interested in aesthetics. But they do appreciate certain flowers that show up this time of year.

birthday gifts for aries with woman holding bouquet of tulips

“I always think of honeysuckle when I think of Aries,” Stardust says, “but a lot of people associate it with a tiger lily. I usually denote Aries with tulips, too, because Aries season is when they bloom.”

Something for their active lifestyle

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is of far less importance to Aries than maintaining their on-the-go lifestyle, Stardust says.

“Aries are not usually known for their style or aesthetic, but they will always wear athleisure,” Stardust says. “Even during their downtime, they’re always rocking a sporty kind of thing.”

personalized water bottleyoga mat, and even a piece of jewelry that declares their love for exercising is right up their alley.

Something for their head

Every zodiac sign rules a specific part of the body, and for Aries, that’s the head (which makes sense given that it’s the first month on the zodiac calendar). For that reason, Stardust recommends a gift like a scalp massager, which doubles as something to help them unwind and relax.

Hatshair brushes, and even personalized pillowcases all are thoughtful gifts for Aries, too.

Something spicy

Blame it on their fire sign, Stardust says, but Aries love spicy things. An Aries’ palette definitely leans toward foods that bring the heat.

If the Aries in your life enjoys exploring the culinary world — whether cooking for themselves or other people — gifts that help them kick their flavors up a notch are great choices. We’re talking a set of spices, spicy chorizo-style salmon sausage patties, a sweet and spicy snack mix, and specialty hot sauce.

Something to help them relax

Just because Aries love to stay in motion doesn’t mean they can’t also use some down time.

Buying them gifts that encourage relaxation is smart. Stardust suggests a throw blanket to help them get some much-needed R&R. Other gifts that fall into this category include scented soapscandles, and spa sets.

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