Surprise the mommy-to-be with a loving gift that will make her Mother’s Day relaxing, enjoyable, and full of fond memories. Create thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas for expecting moms to help them feel loved.

Pregnancy takes a big toll on moms. That’s why this Mother’s Day expecting moms should get all the love, kindness, and pampering they deserve. Whether the expecting mom is anticipating her first bundle of joy or growing her happy family once more, she’ll be thrilled to get attention and appreciation on Mother’s Day.

So, listen up partners and dads: It’s up to you to make this Mother’s Day special for your expecting partner!

What are the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for expecting moms?

Looking for tips to make her Mother’s Day relaxing, fun, and enjoyable? It doesn’t take much to make her day more pleasant and relaxing.

Start by making sure she can get plenty of rest by letting her sleep in with no guilt. If she’s to the point where sleep is uncomfortable, spring for a pregnancy pillow or support wedge, such as a personalized body pillow, that will give her support for her hips, back, neck, and growing tummy. Then, surprise her with a healthy breakfast or brunch from her favorite restaurant or, better yet, breakfast in bed, complete with flowers and a card with a loving message.

gift ideas for expecting moms daughter giving present

Carrying a child is uncomfortable and exhausting for most expecting moms, so find small ways to help her unwind and rejuvenate throughout the day. If the weather permits, help her get some fresh air, a bit of sunshine, and some exercise, even if it’s just a short stroll through the park or a picnic in your backyard. The fresh air and sunshine will instantly improve her mood, and a bit of exercise can give her more energy to enjoy her Mother’s Day.

Once you create a good start to her day, make Mother’s Day even more memorable by honoring the mom-to-be in a special and thoughtful way. You don’t need to shower her with expensive gifts — you just need to make her feel special by being understanding, caring, and considerate.

Here are five simple and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas for expecting moms.

1. Gifts that pamper

Make the whole day just about her by finding the perfect Mother’s Day gifts that will help her relax and feel pampered. One great option is a gift certificate for a prenatal massage, especially if she’s been in pain or discomfort. Another gift she’ll be able to use throughout her pregnancy and beyond is a foot spa.

If you’re looking for a personalized gift, consider an embroidered luxury fleece robe, scented photo candle with the baby’s sonogram photo, or sleep mask. She’ll enjoy these gifts long after Mother’s Day is over, and you’ll create a loving reminder of a very special day.

2. Gifts for a healthy pregnancy

If the mom-to-be is health conscious, help her reach her health and fitness goals with thoughtful gifts that encourage and promote healthy habits. Two such ideas are a gift certificate to a prenatal yoga class and a pregnancy cookbook and nutrition guide.

For a personalized gift option, consider a yoga mat with her name and favorite colorstainless steel water bottle with her name or monogram, or custom canvas tote she can use when she’s heading to her prenatal yoga class.

3. Gifts to help her unwind

If she’s been stressed at work or home and could use some time to unwind, surprise her with gifts to help her relax and rejuvenate. A calm, quiet day spent lounging on the couch with a good book or pregnancy journal, a mug of hot tea or cocoa, and her favorite snacks and treats are sure to due the trick. This gift is all about creating the right atmosphere to help her truly feel at ease.

Customize a luxuriously soft blanket or Mother’s Day coffee mug with a special message from the heart.

4. Gifts to make her feel beautiful

Some women have a hard time feeling attractive and beautiful during pregnancy. Remind her that she’s beautiful inside and out with thoughtful gifts, such as a gift certificate to her favorite spa, taking her on a shopping spree to get a new outfit, or by arranging a maternity photo shoot. Most important, make sure to tell her she looks great — not just on Mother’s Day but every day.

To complete your thoughtful gift, give her a gentle reminder of your love with a beautiful piece of personalized jewelry, such as a lovely Piece of My Heart pendant necklace or personalized jewelry box to store her most cherished pieces.

5. Gifts to make her smile (or cry)

You can also opt for sentimental gifts that will make her smile (or, depending on the pregnancy hormones that day, cry with joy). Some of our favorite options are an Engraved Family Tree, which she can add on to for many years as your family continues to grow.

A simpler and more affordable option is a personalized picture frame with the baby’s ultrasound photo or, our favorite, a sonogram baby photo ornament she can treasure and hang on the Christmas tree for many years to come.


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