You’ve probably heard of, or even planned and attended, a baby shower. They’re popular in many parts of the world and are a great way to celebrate a first-time mom and her expected new baby. A baby shower is typically organized by a close friend or family member and is when the soon-to-be-mom is “showered” with gifts and necessities for the baby, such as diapers, bottles, baby clothes, and more.

Traditionally, baby showers are only for first-time moms, as most people feel that an expecting mom who already has kids should also have all the baby essentials she’ll need to care for a second, third, or fourth child. However, a recent trend that celebrates every expecting mother and her newest bundle of joy is starting to become popular. That event is a baby sprinkle.

What is a baby sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is thrown for an expecting mom who already has kids. A sprinkle is not as elaborate or extravagant as a baby shower, but it helps mom prepare for a new baby with daily essentials (like diapers, wipes, burp cloths, bibs, etc.) as well as gender-specific gifts if the new baby is of the opposite sex as her first. The party is typically smaller than a baby shower, with usually only close friends and family invited.

A baby sprinkle party is a wonderful way to celebrate every new baby and the growing family. As an added bonus, it’s also a great way for older children to get involved and excited for their new brother or sister.

Another take on the baby sprinkle is a diaper shower. Here, the focus is on helping mom stock up on diapers and diaper-related items to prepare for another child. However, the sprinkle idea offers more options for guests to choose what they’d like to bring as a gift. Plus, it’s a much cuter idea! No wonder it’s becoming so popular.

6 baby sprinkle gift ideas

If you’re considering throwing a baby sprinkle party for a pregnant mom, or if you’ve been invited to a baby sprinkle and you’re not sure what to get, here are six cute and unique baby gift ideas for you to consider — beyond diapers and wipes.

1. Personalized baby blanket

A personalized baby blanket is a classic gift that’s both practical and special. If you know the new baby’s name, have it embroidered right on the blanket to create a keepsake gift that parents will appreciate and the child can cherish over the years. Choose from many colors, styles, and designs to create a special keepsake blanket for the new bundle of joy.

2. Personalized baby bath set

A personalized bath set is another cute and useful baby gift that is perfect for a baby sprinkle. Sure, mom will probably have baby towels and washcloths already, but it’s always nice to refresh those items for a newborn. And a personalized set will quickly become their new favorite.

3. Welcome home baby gift set

This adorable welcome home baby gift set (which comes in three colors) is an impossible cute sprinkle gift option. You can add the baby’s name or monogram to the layette, which will make coming home from the hospital photos extra special.

4. Personalized baby bibs

Sure, you can buy an ordinary set of bibs, but if you want to make your sprinkle gift a bit more special, why not add the baby’s name to one? With so many styles and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find just the right bib for the new bundle of joy.

5. Personalized baby baskets

If you’re thinking of putting together a baby sprinkle gift basket, consider starting with a personalized basket to hold all the items. Available in two basket colors and a dozen basket liner colors, you’re sure to find a combination that will coordinate perfectly with the baby’s nursery. Simply add the baby’s name or a special message to make your baby gift basket complete.

6. Big sister, little sister custom T-shirts

Although the baby sprinkle is primarily for the new baby, you can easily include older siblings in a very special way. Create a T-shirt or sweatshirt that they’ll be excited to wear to the baby sprinkle party and in anticipation for their new brother or sister’s arrival. (Note: Also comes in “Big brother, little brother” versions.


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