Deciding on Christmas gifts for everyone on your list can be a challenge. Sometimes, you think you’ve found the perfect present for someone just to see that they don’t appreciate it as much as you thought they would. No matter what you choose for everyone this year, there’s a way to make each gift feel a bit more thoughtful and personal — and the whole process is quick and easy. Simply use a personalized ornament as a gift tag and notice what a difference it can make in your gift presentation.

Keep reading to see which Christmas ornaments make the best ornament gift tags and get started on personalizing your own today!

Ornament gift tags for sports fans

ornament gift tags with Sports Christmas Ornaments

If you know someone who loves sports, customize their own sports Christmas ornament and attach it to their gift box. Add their name, team number, the year, and more to create an ornament just for them, and they’ll be excited to hang this gem on their tree each Christmas.

Sports ornaments are great for anyone who plays sports too, and they go especially well with sports-related Christmas gifts. If you’re getting your nephew a new baseball bat, use a baseball ornament to top it off. If you’re getting your dad a new set of golf clubs, add a golf ball ornament with his photo to make it extra special.

Ornament gift tags for the nostalgic admirers

ornament gift tags with Custom Wooden Ornaments

For those who love classic and traditional looks, customize one of our gorgeous wooden ornaments. Our personalized wooden gift tag ornaments are a great way to spread charming Christmas cheer. We will engrave any name on the side as well as include a cutout of their initial to create a beautiful and unique gift tag for anyone on your list.

Ornament gift tags for kids

ornament gift tags with Kids Christmas Ornaments

Our selection of kids’ Christmas ornaments are absolutely adorable. For the little ones on your list, pick a character or toy design they love, such as a princess, gingerbread kid, rocking horse, or train. Their eyes will light up when they see their name engraved on their very own ornament!

Ornament gift tags for a family

ornament gift tags with Custom Family Ornaments

Are you giving one gift to a whole family? Personalize it with a beautiful family Christmas ornament. Choose a design everyone will love, such as a family of penguins or Mr. and Mrs. Claus surrounded by gifts. Then, add the family name and each individual’s name, and you’re done. The whole family will be excited to add this personalized ornament to their tree as soon as they can.


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