Break out the flour and rolling pin…the holiday baking season is here!

From the smell of Christmas cookies in the oven to the delight of digging into your favorite pie after a big holiday meal, few things herald in the season like whipping up some delicious, freshly baked goodies to share with your family and friends.

Whether you’ve been baking Christmas treats forever or are tying on your apron for the first time this year, you can make the experience even more special with a few personal touches that are easy to incorporate into any kitchen. Read on for some of our favorite ideas.

1. Personalized accessories

Cooking and baking are forms of personal expression. The food you create and share with others reflects a little bit of who you are: where you’ve come from, what inspires you, the traditions you hold dear. Personalized baking essentials and tools let you embrace your individuality even more so you can easily get in the mood to work your kitchen magic all season long.

Personalized Baking Essentials

Whether you want personalized aprons for every member of the family, a personalized cookie jar to make sugar cookies that much sweeter, or the classic culinary look of a personalized chef hat, discover the different ways you can treat yourself or the special baker in your life. These unique kitchen accessories and personalized baking gifts will make quality time in the kitchen even more fun than before.

2. Get the kids involved

Helping out during the busy Christmas cookie season is high on the list of many kids’ favorite holiday activities. Get them involved with easy tasks, such as mixing ingredients or cutting out cookie dough. Help your junior baker feel like a master baker by giving them their own personalized kids’ apron just like the grownups wear. Then, when it’s time to ice those cookies, set a few aside for your kids to practice writing their initials on or decorate in any way they like. Baking with the kids is a delightful and delicious family activity that honors the timeless holiday traditions of togetherness, generosity — and dessert!

Kid's Baking Gear

Getting kids to help out in the kitchen is also a great teaching moment and opportunity for them to take on some household responsibilities. Get kids to help out with the prep work and cleanup in addition to the baking, and show them that the whole process can be fun. Instead of throwing everything in the dishwasher, get kids to help wash and dry the dishes, put away the ingredients, and package the cookies, if you’re going to be handing them out.

3. Take your food photography to the next level

Eating the fruits of your baking endeavors is tasty and impressive enough, but no one can deny that presentation is the name of the game when it comes to posting photos of your food. Just imagine the reaction you’ll get when you snap and share a pic of a heaping pile of your beautiful, homemade cookies or freshly baked pies sitting on top of a personalized platter or custom cutting board with your family name beautifully engraved, or next to your own personalized recipe box and recipe cards. Everyone will instantly understand the personal touch that inspires your culinary creations.

Baking Photo Accessories

Whether you’re a casual foodie photographer or full-blown, dedicated food blogger, injecting a hint of your own personality with customized baking gear is a great way to help your photos stand out and let your character shine through. What better way to combine two of your favorite creative outlets?

Baking up a storm is a holiday tradition that’s as time honored as trimming trees and hanging stockings. With just a few personal touches, you can make this holiday ritual more special than ever, for yourself and those you share it with. Merry baking, and happy new kitchen gear!


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.

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