14 Thoughtful & Unique Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas & GIfts

14 Thoughtful & Unique Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Make this February 14th more memorable with these 14 thoughtful and unique last minute Valentine’s Day ideas and gifts that no one will ever guess were last minute.

We’re just days away from Valentine’s Day. It’s officially crunch time.

If you haven’t found the perfect Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart yet, don’t panic — you still have time to grab a unique and thoughtful gift that will look like you’ve spent weeks planning it. The key is to make sure that the gift you choose is coming truly from the heart, that it includes something personal and special about your relationship, that it’s meaningful and able to show that you really care.

This might sound like a tall order, but when you have the ability to customize your gifts you can easily accomplish all of it with just a few clicks and a spare moment of time.

Start thinking about what your partner loves to do, the inside jokes you share, and the special moments in your past. Then create a Valentine’s day experience that is sure to wow!

1. Engraved Wood Keepsake Gift

These unique engraved wood keepsakes allow you to create a fun, memorable Valentine’s gift that is easy on the wallet. It’s the perfect thing to show your love in a small, unexpected way. They make a great addition to anyone’s desk, shelf, dresser or nightstand and offer a loving reminder of your lasting relationship. You can’t go wrong with one of these custom wooden postcards and other wood cutout designs.

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2. Luxury Robes For Him & Her

There’s a reason these plush luxury fleece robes are a best seller year after year. They’re unbelievably soft and are custom embroidered with any name, first initial or three letter monogram. You can customize one just for your sweetheart or get a coordinating set for the both of you to enjoy at home on Valentine’s Day or any day. They come in a variety of colors and make a great Valentine’s gift alone or as a spa package.

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3. Custom Love Blanket

A custom blanket is another thoughtful idea that your Valentine will not be expecting. You can customize a photo blanket with your favorite photos or create one that incorporates your names, special dates, places and important moments of your relationship. You can even create your own love letter blanket and really pour your heart out! Complete the set with a matching custom throw pillow or a fun pocket pillow with a spot to tuck in your love notes.

This year, the best last minute Valentine’s day idea is a date night at home. These cozy, custom blankets will make a great addition to your romantic night at home.

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4. Romantic Picture Frame or Wall Art

This is another great last minute idea for Valentine’s day that will make a lasting impression. All you need is your favorite photo of the two of you. It can be your first photo as a couple, your engagement or wedding photo, or a favorite shot from your last vacation or weekend getaway. Personalize the picture frame design you like the most, include one or more photos and you’re set!

Don’t have a great photo on hand? No problem. Create unique, romantic wall art with your names, a special message and other custom details your sweetheart will adore.

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5. Romantic Kitchen Gifts

If your partner loves to cook, grill, bake or entertain, a custom engraved cutting board, recipe box, matching aprons and other useful kitchen gifts are just the thing. These personalized kitchen designs are perfect for a romantic occasion like Valentine’s Day. Each gift idea can be customized with your names, a loving message or a fun kitchen pun for a sweet, personal touch. Make it their favorite thing in the kitchen so they’ll always remember your thoughtful gift.

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6. Unique Jewelry & Accessories

A beautiful engraved piece of jewelry or an engraved watch are both classic gifts that will never go out of style. If you’ve never given your significant other personalized jewelry, an inscribed watch, or other customized accessories, consider it this year. They’re gifts that will make an impact, becoming their most treasured possessions.

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7. Custom Coffee Mugs

If you’re buying for a true coffee or tea lover, consider a personalized mug or a set of matching mugs for the two of you. It’s one of the simpler gifts on our list, but it’s also very popular because so many people appreciate a good mug. You can make yours a part of a larger gift package, fill it up with their favorite sweets, pair it with their favorite tea or coffee, or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

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8. Photo Heart Puzzle

One of the more unique and unexpected gifts on this list is also a customer favorite. A photo puzzle can be such a fun Valentine’s Day gift, especially if you don’t tell your sweetheart what the puzzle is before you start putting it together! The fun is all in their discovery of what the puzzle shows.

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9. Custom Jewelry Box or Watch Box

Have your words of love engraved on something you know they’ll use and appreciate. Any woman will adore a beautiful new jewelry box to use for her most cherished or even day to day jewelry and accessories. And any guy who loves his watches will love a great watch box to keep them all in one place. Both of these pieces are unique because they can be engraved with any words you choose and will display beautifully on a dresser or nightstand.

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10. Engraved Beer, Wine Or Champagne Glasses

Whether it’s the main gift or a part of a bigger gift package, custom engraved drink glasses will never disappoint. Pair them with a bottle (or a six pack) of their favorite beverage and you have something both of you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day. You can add names, initials, monograms or special messages to make each glass special and unique.

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11. Special Pocket Token

A pocket token is something they will keep with them wherever they go to be reminded of your love. This is the perfect gift for couples that have to spend time away from each other. If you’re in a long distance relationship, or if you or your partner travel a lot for work, an engraved pocket token (or a matching set for the two of you) can be the one thing that will keep you close, no matter how far apart you may be.

12. Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Want to turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day? Sensual, sexy and seductive gifts are the ticket! Give him a pair of boxer shorts with a fun saying, or surprise her with a sexy pair of undies that will let her know she’s your gal. Throw in a jar of decadent chocolate body paint for a night you’ll both fondly remember.

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13. One-Of-A-Kind Valentine’s Day Card

For a simple, thoughtful and sentimental statement, let your sweetheart know that your love is here to stay with this unique Valentine’s Day card that displays the exact number of days you’ve been together. You can customize the inside and outside of this oversized heart-shaped card and include it with any Valentine’s Day gift, even a box of chocolates and flowers.

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14. Five Senses Gift Idea

The popular Five Senses Gift is one of the most thoughtful, unique and romantic Valentine’s Day gift ever imagined. It’s typically not the best choice for a last minute gift because it involves a good amount of thought, planning and shopping around. But with the right tools at hand, you can make it the best last-minute Valentine’s Day gift – here’s how.

Browse the five senses gift categories to find the right gift for each of their senses – Sight, Touch, Sound, Smell and Taste. This unique collection makes it easy to find a meaningful gift to go with each of the five senses categories – and allows you to customize each item to make it super special.

Download the free printable to package each of the five gifts, which will also help explain the meaning of each gift. And you’re set!

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Share Your Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Tell us about your favorite last minute Valentine’s Day ideas by sharing your stories in the comments below. Whether it’s a DIY gift or simply a thoughtful gesture, like cooking your partner’s favorite meal on Valentine’s Day – we’d love to hear your ideas.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas
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