Find unicorn gift ideas you can personalize for unicorn obsessed girls of all ages.

It’s no wonder unicorns are so widely loved. These magical creatures represent goodness, kindness and peace, and are particularly popular with girls. Unicorns symbolize uniqueness and individuality, reminding us to always be ourselves. And for many young ladies out there, believing in unicorns simply means that anything is possible.

For anyone who is unicorn obsessed, a unicorn themed gift is always welcome. Adding a personalized touch will make it that much more special and unique!

Here are 27 personalized unicorn gifts for girls that are perfect for birthdays, holidays and any special occasion.

27 Unicorn Gift Ideas for Girls

  1. Unicorn toys
  2. Unicorn LED name sign
  3. Unicorn socks
  4. Porcelain unicorn piggy bank
  5. Unicorn Christmas ornaments
  6. Unicorn throw blanket
  7. Unicorn hooded blanket
  8. Unicorn baby lovey
  9. Sequin Unicorn throw pillow
  10. Unicorn crown pillowcase
  11. Unicorn plush stuffed animal
  12. Unicorn toy storage
  13. Unicorn backpack
  14. Unicorn lunch bag
  15. Unicorn sequin pencil case
  16. Unicorn face mask
  17. Unicorn name door sign
  18. Unicorn purse
  19. Unicron duffle or dance bag
  20. Unicorn kids rolling luggage
  21. Unicorn makeup bag
  22. Unicorn Christmas stocking
  23. Unicorn growth chart
  24. Unicorn wall art
  25. Unicorn bath towels or beach towels
  26. Unicorn Easter basket or gift basket
  27. Unicorn picture frame

Find these unique unicorn gifts and other personalized gift ideas for girls perfect for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays and celebrations.


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.

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