101 Unique Engagement Gifts: Ideas For Every Budget

Unique Engagement Gift Ideas

101 Unique Engagement Gifts: Ideas For Every Budget

What’s the best gift for an engagement party? Find unique engagement gifts and ideas to celebrate engaged couples with any budget – updated for 2021.

It’s almost time for the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas… it’s engagement season! Did you know December is the most popular month for couples to become engaged?

Top 4 Days for Engagements

In fact, nearly half of all wedding engagements happen between November and February with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day being the top four days for guys to pop the question. This means you’ve probably already heard (or are going to hear very soon) about the good news from happy couples in love. Maybe you’ll even see invites to engagement parties in your mail.

If you’re wondering if you should bring a gift to an engagement party, how much you should spend, and what you should buy, here are all the answers you’ll need. If there’s anything you’re still wondering about, leave us a comment with your questions. And make sure to share your ideas for the best engagement gifts.

Should You Bring A Gift To An Engagement Party?

Although engagement gifts aren’t always necessary, they’re sometimes appropriate, especially if you’re attending a formal engagement party. Gift or no gift, one thing you should never neglect is to send the couple your heartfelt congratulations and best wishes.

Today, engagement gifts are not expected, but they are a nice gesture. Here’s the consensus around engagement party gift etiquette:

  • Engagement gifts are always optional.
  • For an impromptu engagement party that’s more casual, consider a small engagement gift or even just a bottle of good wine or champagne.
  • For a more formal engagement party with an invitation by mail, consider a more elaborate couples gift or a keepsake that will serve as a memento for the special occasion. Personalized engagement gifts make the best options in this instance.
  • If there’s no engagement party, you can still celebrate with either a gift for her or him (depending on how you’re connected to the couple), or a meaningful couples gift.
  • Don’t forget a handwritten note or card with congratulations and well wishes!

What Do You Give As An Engagement Gift?

There are tons of great options for thoughtful and unique engagement gifts that any couple will enjoy and appreciate. We break them down into these gift categories:

  • Food or Experience Gifts – a bottle of champagne, restaurant gift card, goodie basket, or something else they can enjoy together.
  • Meaningful Keepsake Gifts – personalized ring dish, engraved champagne flutes, picture frame or keepsake customized just for them.
  • Practical Gifts – bathrobes, towels, bedding, glassware, kitchen gifts, custom return address stamp or something else they can use.

Engagement Gifts: Cost & Budget

Now, for the big question: how much should you spend on engagement gifts?

The answer is a bit tricky. The amount of money you should spend on an engagement gift will depend on how you’re connected to the couple, your personal or family budget, and how much you want to spend, the type of party you’re attending, and likely other factors as well. Keep in mind that the best engagement gift doesn’t have to break the bank. What’s most important is that your gift is thoughtful and sincere – and that you can afford it!

Below, you’ll find engagement gift ideas for any budget you might be working with. Most gifts that you can purchase are between $10 – $100, with a wide variety of unique products to choose from. If you can’t afford a gift, or you want to make give something truly personal, consider a do-it-yourself gift.

Weather you spend the time making your gift by hand, or designing and customizing it online, you can be sure you’ll impress the newly engaged couple.

DIY Engagement Gift Ideas

BONUS: 10 DIY Engagement Gift Ideas

These DIY gift ideas are sweet, charming and truly beautiful. The best thing about them is that the couple will know that they came straight from the heart.

  1. A homecooked meal, a bottle of wine, with a handwritten note.
  2. A matching or coordinating set of monogrammed luggage tags [ DIY from The Idea Room here ]
  3. Set of passport and vaccination card holders [ multiple DIY options from DIYs.com ]
  4. Milestone wedding wine set with homemade wine labels or wine tags
  5. A set of hand-painted ring dishes with their initials
  6. DIY charcuterie board with their favorites
  7. Tickets to an event or performance you know they would enjoy
  8. A photo book or album with their couple photos
  9. DIY wedding planner
  10. DIY personalized engagement ornament

What Is The Best Gift For Engagement?

Choosing an engagement gift might sound daunting, especially if this is your first time shopping for one. That’s why this list includes a variety of gifts for every budget along with a good mix of options that are meaningful, practical, or things the couple can enjoy. We also include a short list of engagement gifts just for her or just for him, that are tailored more to the individual rather than the couple.

Of course, the best engagement gifts are those that come from the heart, so go with your gut and find something you know they’ll love. Add a custom touch, like the couple’s names, initials, Mr. and Mrs. titles, a cherished photo, and other special details to make your present even more unique and memorable.

  • Engagement Picture Frame
  • Engagement Ring Dish
  • Honeymoon Funds Engagement Gift
  • Wedding Fund Bank
  • Love Rustic Wood Wall Art
  • Engagement Gift Address Stamp
  • Engagement Ornament
  • Engagement Gift Basket
  • Couples Toasting Flutes
  • Year of Firsts Wine Engagement Gift
  • Engraved Lenox Cake Knife Set

Best Engagement Gifts For 2021

Our favorite engagement gifts for 2020 and 2021 include a mix of practical, heirloom worthy and experience gifts the happy couple can enjoy. Of course, money that they can use for their wedding or honeymoon is always a great gift option as well.

  1. Personalized engagement Christmas ornament
  2. Engagement photo picture frame
  3. Customized ring dish
  4. A year of firsts wine set with custom wine labels
  5. Gourmet food gift basket
  6. Bottle of champagne and a pair of toasting flutes
  7. Engraved cake knife and server set
  8. Custom return address stamp
  9. Personalized couples wall art or sign
  10. Honeymoon fund jar or shadow box
  11. Monetary gift
  • Wifey & Hubby Matching Robes
  • Custom Photo Blanket Engagement Gift
  • Mr & Mrs Custom Wedding Socks
  • Happy Marriage Wood Recipe Box
  • Bamboo Popcorn Bowl Set Engagement Gift
  • Relationship Status Couples Mug Set
  • Engagement Gift Idea: Travel Journals
  • Romantic Travels Map with Pins
  • Custom Map Location Puzzle
  • Wifey & Hubby Matching Beach Towels
  • His & Hers Engagement Shirts

Unique Engagement Gifts for Couples:

Picture and photo gifts are a great engagement gift option. This is the time the couple will be getting photos from their engagement party or photo shoot. A photo gift is great if you already have the pictures, if you don’t consider a picture frame or a gift card so they can create their own custom photo gifts.

  1. Custom photo blanket
  2. Wifey & Hubby matching sweatshirt robes
  3. Where they met custom location puzzle
  4. Matching couples socks
  5. Mr. & Mrs. wine glasses or coffee mugs
  6. Hi & Hers engagement t-shirts
  7. Matching Wifey & Hubby beach towels
  8. Engraved bamboo popcorn bowl set
  9. Canvas travel map with pins to mark their travels
  10. Set of travel journals
  11. Personalized recipe box or recipe book
  • Colored Heart Keepsake Engagement Gift
  • Love Grows here Cement Vase
  • Heart Initials Custom Steel Sign
  • Personalized Wind Chimes Engagement Gifts
  • Engagement Gifts: Photo Keepsake Box
  • Engraved Wood Ring Box
  • Personalized Family Bible Engagement Gifts
  • Couples Photo Album
  • Couples Wall Cross
  • Embroidered Afghan Engagement Gift
  • Heart Shaped Clock Gift

Best Keepsake Engagement Gifts:

When looking for a great personalized engagement gift consider the things you can customize, like their names, titles (Mr. & Mrs. or Wifey & Hubby), a special date and other custom details. Heirloom worthy gifts include items they will hold on to and pass on to their kids, like a personalized family bible, embroidered afghan, a custom made wall sign and other keepsakes.

  1. Engraved heart-shaped clock
  2. Embroidered afghan throw
  3. Personalized photo album or photo book
  4. Personalized family bible
  5. Personalized wall cross
  6. Engraved wedding ring box
  7. Personalized wind chimes
  8. Personalized photo keepsake box
  9. Custom initials steel sign
  10. Personalized cement flower vase
  11. Engraved heart keepsake
  • His & Hers Matching Blankets Engagement Gifts
  • Personalized Velvet Pillow
  • Personalized Bath Towels
  • Engraved Wood Coasters
  • Stone Monogram Coaster Set
  • Tabletop Bar Engagement Gift
  • Personalized Cutting Board
  • Couples Matching Aprons
  • Personalized Doormat Engagement Gift
  • Embroidered Monogram Garment Bag
  • Personalized Wood Luggage Tags Engagement Gifts
  • Metal Beverage Tub
  • Personalized Cocktail Shaker
  • Personalized Ice Bucket with Lid

Best Practical Engagement Gifts:

Travel gifts are a wonderful gift option that’s practical and fun. The couple will likely be traveling for their honeymoon, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or maybe even for the wedding itself. A set of luggage tags, garment bags, toiletry and travel cases, shoe and lingerie bags, and other travel accessories all make thoughtful engagement gifts.

  1. Personalized luggage tags
  2. Monogrammed garment bags or travel bags
  3. Beverage tub, ice bucket or bottle chiller
  4. Personalized drink coasters
  5. Personalized doormat
  6. Monogrammed bath towels
  7. Custom engraved wood cutting board or serving tray
  8. Matching couples kitchen aprons
  9. His & Hers matching fleece blankets
  10. Personalized pillowcases or throw pillows
  11. Barware or bar tools
  • Do I Look Engaged? Coffee Mug
  • Wedding Planner for Her
  • Engagement Gift Canvas Tote Bag
  • Sole Makes Socks for Couples
  • Wine & Glass Gift Set
  • Custom-Romantic Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  • Couples Coffee Mug Set
  • Love Letter Personalized Blanket
  • Date Night Jar
  • Love Letter Pocket Pillow
  • Flowers Engagement Gift for Her
  • Engagement Gifts for Her: Ring Dish
  • Custom Heart Photo Puzzle

Unique Engagement Gifts for Her:

This is the time the newly engaged gal will want to show off her ring and dream about her big day. The best engagement gifts for her include a lovely place to put down her new engagement ring at night, a good wedding planner, a canvas tote to hold all her wedding inspiration and ideas, and a fun coffee mug to keep her going. Of course, every newly-minted fiancée would also appreciate a day at the spa.

  1. Do I Look Engaged? personalized coffee mug or wine cup
  2. Personalized ring dish or jewelry holder
  3. Wedding planner & wedding planning canvas tote
  4. Spa gift card
  5. Her favorite bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers
  6. Custom photo puzzle
  7. Love letter blanket or love notes pocket pillow
  8. Matching coffee mug set for two
  9. Date night jar filled with date night ideas
  10. Sole mates socks
  11. Custom Tic Tac Toe game
  • Engraved Whiskey Decanter
  • Engraved Cigar Set
  • Engraved Watch - Engagement Gift for Him
  • Personalized Watch Box
  • Custom Cufflinks
  • Gourmet Steaks Gift Set
  • Custom Photo Socks Engagement Gift
  • I Cerealsly Love You Cereal Bowl
  • Engraved Guitar Pick Pendant
  • Personalized Love Coupons

Unique Engagement Gifts For Him:

In addition to a hearty congratulations, treat the newly engaged guy to a memorable gift he can enjoy, like a good cigar, his favorite bottle of whiskey or a package of gourmet steaks. If you’re not attending an engagement party but want to give the guy something to celebrate this momentous occasion, personalize a gift just for him. A set of engraved cufflinks, a custom watch box or a personalized cigar case and cutter set are all great options. If you’re shopping for your fiance, surprise him with something fun and romantic, like a photo Rubik’s cube or a set of love coupons you can create just for him.

  1. Personalized cufflinks or tie bar
  2. Monogrammed cigar case
  3. Custom engraved watch
  4. Engraved leather watch box
  5. Whiskey decanter and glass set
  6. Gourmet steaks package
  7. Our love story custom heart keepsake
  8. Guitar pick pendant
  9. Personalized cereal bowl
  10. Photo socks
  11. Love coupons
  • Engagement Gift Couples Throw Pillows
  • Couples Wood Picture Frame
  • Husband & Wife Coffee Mug Set
  • Personalized Couples Luggage Tags
  • Lovebirds Couples Cooking Utensils
  • Happy Couples Playing Card Box
  • Home Personalized Light-up Keepsake
  • Love Birds Keepsake Gift
  • Custom Address Stamp
  • Personalized Engagement Candle Jar
  • Romantic Wood Cutout Keepsake Gift
  • Love Birds Sun Catcher

Engagement Gifts Under $25

Say congratulations with either a fun or a meaningful gift that will get them even more excited about the wedding and their bright future ahead. Whether you’re attending an engagement party or not, a small, personalized engagement gift will show that you took the time to find something that’s special. Here are nine engagement gifts under $25.

  1. Wifey & Hubby coffee mug set
  2. Personalized couples picture frame
  3. A set of custom luggage tags for their honeymoon
  4. Personalized wooden cooking utensils
  5. Personalized throw pillows
  6. Personalized card box for playing cards
  7. Personalize shelf or mantel decor
  8. Couple’s first names return address stamp
  9. Personalized scented candle jar
  10. Romantic wood cutout keepsake
  11. Personalized love birds suncatcher

Engagement Gifts Under $50

Finding creative and unique engagement gifts becomes much simpler when you can personalize the items to make them more special and meaningful. Below you’ll find several trendy and popular gift options that will make a nice surprise for the couple lucky in love. These engagement gift ideas are all under $50.

  1. Resin tree trunk sculpture with their names
  2. Silver engraved ice bucket
  3. Table linens or a personalized table runner
  4. Custom wedding date sign
  5. Signature photo frame (guestbook alternative)
  6. Personalized pillowcase set
  7. Photo memory box
  8. Photo & invitation wooden display sign
  9. Wine bottle accessory box gift
  10. Personalized heart cake topper
  11. Let Love Grow flower planter

Engagement Gifts Under $100

To really make an impression, find unique gifts the happy couple can treasure for a lifetime. Below you’ll find both classic and traditional engagement gifts, like the crystal cut vase and silver engraved serving tray, along with some more modern and fun options all below $100.

  1. Crystal champagne flute set
  2. Engraved cake knife & server set
  3. Butcher block style cutting board
  4. Embroidered sherpa blanket
  5. Custom etched crystal vase
  6. Monogrammed metal serving tray
  7. Picnic blanket, basket and portable wine chiller
  8. Engraved beverage dispenser or cake dome
  9. Personalized candle lantern decor
  10. Engraved hurricane candle holder
  11. Personalized pepper mill
  12. Picture frame photo tree
  13. Bottle of champagne in an engraved wood box

Celebrating a couple’s wedding engagement can be exciting, especially if you’re close to the bride and groom or expect to be in the wedding party. We hope that these engagement gift ideas will help you find just the perfect present to commemorate this special occasion.

Share Your Favorite Engagement Gift Ideas

What are some of your favorite gifts for newly engaged couples? Share your ideas in the comments.

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