After the chill and “sweater weather” of winter, we are ready for spring — and that means having fun with pretty Easter decor ideas!

This time of year, we turn our thoughts to baby blue skies with fleecy clouds, pale-pink blossoming trees, and the happy prospect of baby lambs cavorting through green meadows. Easter embodies the perennial reward of warmth after cold, regeneration after hibernation. And even if you live somewhere far from the countryside, you can decorate your home with greenery, Easter eggs, and fresh flowers to celebrate this joyous season.

Take advantage of items you already own and use them in unexpected ways.

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“Easter décor is a wonderful way to celebrate the joy or renewal, seasonal blooms, and the arrival of spring,” notes Cindy Magoon, a social media home décor influencer who resides in New Milford, Connecticut. “We New Englanders wait with bated breath to throw open the windows so we can smell the new grass and listen to the familiar chirp of a baby bird.”

The interior of Magoon’s lakeside cottage, which has appeared in such magazines as Good Housekeeping, Bob Vila, and Cottages and Bungalows, reflects seasonal charm all year long — but Easter is a definite high point. Punctuated with soft color, potted bulbs, sculptural animals, and decorated eggs, Magoon’s home is an inspirational study in making the most of your Easter décor.

Easter celebrates nature

For Christians, Easter is an important time of year, when they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. This message of rebirth and renewal uplifts everyone, of all faiths and traditions. It also parallels the message of hope that nature brings to the spring season.

Bulbs thawing underneath the cold ground send up pale-green shoots of soon-to-bloom narcissus, daffodils, and tulips. Bulb flowers are an important component of decorating for the season. “A bouquet of pink tulips can go a long way to usher in that spring spirit once again,” Magoon says.

Another natural element linked to Easter decor are baby animals. Many bird and mammal species give birth in the spring for the very practical reason that there is more food available to feed their babies. Naturally, baby birds, bunnies, chicks, and lambs are iconic figures for the Easter festive home. Fresh, soft, and new — Easter décor ideas all center around these elements.

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If Easter were a shape, however, it would definitely be an egg. The Easter egg is a universal symbol of both new life and fragility; its oval shape is infinitely appealing and offers many decorating possibilities. Combined with sturdy woven baskets, Easter eggs crop up on front doorsteps, windowsills, mantels, and table centerpieces.

Magoon likes to combine live plants and flowers, and cut blooms with sprightly pots, linens, and art pieces. “Take advantage of items you already own and use them in unexpected ways,” she advises.

Here, she offers some Easter décor ideas that have brightened her cottage for many years.

4 Easter decor ideas

Chances are you are planning some kind of spring refresh and/or cleaning in your near future, and that goes perfectly with the fun task of Easter decorating. Remove all those remnants of winter — yes, that means your bowl of pine cones — and start anew.

Next, think about your home’s favorite focal points. Maybe it’s your front porch or the reading area in your living room. Identify three or four places on which you want to concentrate your decorating efforts, and then make a plan.

“I like to stick with several colors and find them in stripes, ginghams, and florals, with the colors and tones pulling it all together,” Magoon says.

A great backdrop for this is using quilts. Festoon a faded patchwork quilt over a neutral sofa, then bank with a few pillows and perhaps a fuzzy stuffed lamb. Switch out your bed linens for something more spring-y. “A brightly colored quilt with shams in a petite pattern, with some whimsical bunny pillows, easily creates a smile and signals the transition to warmer weather,” Magoon says.

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1. Eggs

Get your egg on! Eggs look very much like Christmas ornaments, making them an essential part of Easter décor. In fact, a terrific and easy décor idea is to create mini Easter trees and decorate them with festive egg ornaments (or you can buy one already made). Having a trio of decorative items clustered together (trees, candles, figurines, etc.) is always a good design rule of thumb.

Egg ornaments come in so many beautiful designs and colors. Hang them on trees, dangle them with ribbon in windows, or cluster them in your favorite bowl. Magoon suggests filling a large clear glass canister with colorful jelly beans or pastel eggs to place on a table or shelf.

2. Bunnies and other babies

Pick your favorite baby animal and get ready for smiles all season long. Magoon is very fond of bunny rabbits and has collected them in various sizes and textures. Add ceramic or plaster bunnies to the front and back yards, perhaps next to your favorite potted plants. Look for signs and garden flags that herald the holiday, too.

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3. Flowers

Using both faux and real blooms, Magoon hangs strings of flower garlands across the stone surround of her fireplace to frame the rest of the Easter décor. Look for spring branches of pussy willow and cherry blossom for a lighthearted effect. These taller branches add softness and charm to darker corners of the house.

Fancy pots and baskets are wonderful accents in every room, but do consider using plain old clay pots too. Their neutral warmth and rough texture help bring the outdoors in. Magoon suggests getting English ivy plants and putting them in clay pots anywhere the house needs a bit of “greening up.”

4. Easter baskets

If you have children in your life, here’s a double-duty idea: Purchase their Easter baskets early and use them to decorate the house. Then, when the Easter bunny comes, pull them down to fill with candy and goodies.

Baskets are wonderfully versatile as decorative objects and vessels to fill with other pretty things, from florals to Easter-themed guest towels. Pretty trimmings, such as pastel ribbon and vintage linen liners, make each basket stand out as a nod to all the children’s finery seen on Easter Sunday.

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