Welcoming a new bundle of joy is an occasion like few others in life — for both the soon-to-be parents and those close to the family. Baby showers are beautiful events filled with happiness and positivity, and being invited to join in on the party is a privilege and an honor.

Expressing your genuine excitement and enthusiasm for the arrival of a new baby is a wonderful part of that celebration. Often, the best way to channel your feelings during this joyous occasion is through a handwritten baby shower greeting card.

What to write (and not write) in a baby shower card 

The key to writing a baby shower greeting card is to keep the tone upbeat and to speak from the heart. Well wishes do not have to be extensive — they can be as little as a single line — but they should always convey an overwhelmingly positive sentiment. And remember to personalize your message. Make sure that what you write in the card could not have come from anyone else.

As far as what not to write, leave out anything that could be sad or negative, and do not, under any circumstances, include any clumsy jokes that might be taken out of context. 

55 messages to write in a baby shower card

The next time you sit down to write a baby shower card filled with well wishes and heartfelt emotions, use these examples for inspiration to perfect your message.

Short & sweet baby shower wishes 

  1. I’m so excited for this beautiful new chapter in your lives!
  2. Your family is growing — and I’m so excited for you.
  3. Wishing you all the love, joy, and excitement for your new baby 
  4. So excited to meet your new bundle of joy! 
  5. Congratulations on your baby’s arrival. You’ll be such a wonderful parent! 

Inspirational baby shower wishes 

  1. The next best part of your life is right around the corner!
  2. Your family is growing in the best way. I’m so proud of you for this new and exciting step in life…you’ll be the world’s best parent(s)! 
  3. I can’t wait to see you step into the most important role — that of the best parent(s) in the world. 
  4. Many congrats to the parent(s)-to-be. Your little one is so lucky to have you. 
  5. Welcome to a whole new world of love, fun, and joy! Your new baby is about to open up a beautiful new take on life for you.

Rhyming baby shower wishes 

  1. Your bundle of joy is almost here — you’re going to be the parents of the year! 
  2. A pile of diapers and bundles of love, your new baby is a gift from above. 
  3. A little bundle of joy is almost here, sign us up to celebrate and cheer!
  4. We’re so honored to join you in celebration today for the beautiful baby who’s on his/her way! 
  5. The sleepless nights may seem long, but the days go by fast; soak up every precious moment, being a parent is a blast!
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Religious baby shower wishes 

  1. Praying for a happy, healthy baby! 
  2. Such a big miracle in such a little package. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.
  3. Congratulations on your beautiful little blessing! 
  4. We join you in thanking the Lord for the greatest gift of all — a happy, healthy baby! 
  5. We’ve prayed for a blessing like this! Congratulations on your beautiful new miracle.

Funny baby shower wishes

  1. Best wishes to the soon-to-be diaper-changing champion(s) of the world!
  2. Babies may not come with instruction manuals, but you’ve always been good at wingin’ it! 
  3. Congrats on your new baby! You know what they say — a little sleep deprivation is good for the soul! 
  4. Buckle up, it’s new baby time! Get ready for a bumpy (and beautiful) ride! 
  5. Welcome to the newest phase of life: “We’re So Excited for Our In-Laws to Come Over.” 

Baby shower wishes for girls 

  1. Sugar and spice and everything nice. We’re so excited for your family to welcome your sweet little girl!
  2. Can’t wait to meet your beautiful daughter! Best wishes to your family, and congrats on your newest sweet addition. 
  3. Your daughter’s life will be a wild and beautiful adventure. We’re so excited to see her thrive! 
  4. May your beautiful daughter have your grace, strength, and smarts! 
  5. Your beautiful little girl is already so loved. May she fill your heart and your home with so much joy. 

Baby shower wishes for boys

  1. Love, excitement, and endless joy — we’re so thrilled to welcome your new baby boy. 
  2. Something tells me this beautiful boy will be smart, courageous, and strong, just like his [mom/dad]. Congratulations on your new baby boy! 
  3. A sweet boy for the sweetest parents! Best wishes on this new and exciting chapter of your lives. 
  4. Best wishes to your family and your new baby boy! No matter who he becomes, he’s a lucky little guy to have (a) parent(s) like you. 
  5. Oh, boy! Sending lots of love and hugs to your family and your new little man. 

Baby shower wishes for twins & triplets 

  1. Double/Triple the best wishes to your growing family! 
  2. Twins/Triplets may mean double/triple the work, double/triple the diapers, and double/triple the trouble, but they also mean double/triple the love! 
  3. I hear good things come in twos/threes — and in this case, that’s definitely true.
  4. Congratulations on your growing family. Here’s a round of best wishes to you — and an extra few for the whole baby crew. 
  5. More babies = more blessings. Congratulations on your bundles of joy! 
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Baby shower wishes for baby 

  1. Welcome to the world, little one. We’re so glad to have you!
  2. You’re so loved, baby! May your life be a grand adventure. 
  3. I’m so excited to meet you, little one! 
  4. Little one, they say the greatest gifts come in the smallest packages — and you’re the best blessing of them all. 
  5. Cheers to you, little one. We’re all so excited to meet you! 

Baby shower wishes for mom

  1. Congratulations on being promoted to the world’s greatest mom! 
  2. You’re smart, beautiful, and so very strong. You’re going to be the best and brightest mother there ever was!
  3. Your little one doesn’t know it yet, but he/she is so lucky to have a mom like you. 
  4. The world needs more moms like you. Best wishes and congratulations on your beautiful new family member.
  5. I’m so proud of how you’ve stepped into your new role as mom. I hope your little one is just like you when he/she grows up! 

Baby shower wishes for dad 

  1. Your baby might not know it yet, but he/she is so lucky to have a dad like you. 
  2. Congrats on your recent promotion: World’s Greatest Dad! 
  3. Hey, dad-to-be, we’re so happy to celebrate you and your growing family. 
  4. The world would be a better place if there were more dads like you. Best wishes on your bundle of love!
  5. Hey, new dad — you’ve got this! Congratulations on the next best chapter in your life!

3 must-consider baby shower gift ideas

Now that you’ve got the perfect message to write in your baby shower greeting card, all that’s missing is a thoughtful gift to take to the shower. 

A personalized baby hat and blanket set is a touching gift the parents-to-be can use the moment their new baby arrives. Mom and Dad will be filled with joy when they bundle their baby up in this adorable, beautifully stitched set.

Do you want to help the new parents cherish and document every moment of their new baby’s first years? Consider a customized keepsake box with their baby’s name, birth details, and time of birth printed on the front. They’ll love how personalized the gift is and enjoy storing special mementos in it for years to come.

A cute and cuddly baby gift is the best kind of baby gift. This personalized baby blanket for the new baby’s nursery is a great and thoughtful baby shower present.


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