It’s Back To School Time

It’s Back To School Time

We received the annual school supply list in the mail last week, and my 6-year-old’s eyes just lit up!  Other than Christmas and her birthday, I think this is one of her favorite times of year.  It means the traditional trip to the store, hunting for all the necessities on the teacher’s list.  I have yet to find everything in one location – if any mom out there does, please let me know where!

My daughter will be starting at a new school this year too, which is both exciting and a little scary for her.  New faces and new places!  To help ease the transition, I wanted to give her something fun to bring with her.  Our new personalized notebooks were just the thing!  Lots of bright, colorful designs to choose from, each printed with her name – both inside and out!  Her name is even included on each page – very cool to a 6-year-old!

To all the busy parents out there — Good luck with Back To School Shopping!  My word of advise – don’t wait until the last minute.  I’ve learned that all the “good stuff” goes quickly, which then means very more store visits!  And it would definitely be a less expensive trip if you leave your child at home, but not nearly as much fun!

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