Some call July the “real” summer month, and they may have a point.

June serves as summer’s warmup: School is still in session in a lot of places, and full-time tank-top-and-flip-flops weather hasn’t yet arrived. August is summer’s wind-down, and not 100% carefree: The new school year approaches (or arrives fully in many Southern and Southwestern states), fall sports are gearing up, and late-season, triple-digit heat waves make air-conditioned living rooms a top vacation destination.

July is the sweet spot, an oasis on the calendar when days (or weeks!) at the pool, lake, or ocean are the norm and summer entertaining is in full swing.

It’s also a great birthday month, with no major holidays to overshadow your party — save for our nation’s birthday on the 4th. And with all its fireworks displays and cookouts, Independence Day could be viewed as the perfect day with which to partner for a birthday. July is also the people’s choice, with its plethora of party options making it the favorite month to have a birthday.

As if all this wasn’t enough, babies with July birthdays get some special gifts that can’t be purchased and wrapped.

july birthdays pregnant woman sitting in sun

July is full of healthy, sunny babies

July babies, science has found, are less likely to develop recurring health issues, possibly due to July mothers being exposed to plenty of seasonal sun during the months leading up to giving birth (as well as the babies themselves catching plenty of summer rays during their youngest, most formative months). This wellness boost is attributed to the high levels of vitamin D — a chemical proven to aid in general health — produced by the body when exposed to the sun. These positive growth patterns are known to last well past early childhood: Babies with July birthdays have been found to grow taller than those born in the fall or winter.

july birthdays baby wearing sunglasses

July babies are extra chill and creative

Research demonstrates that those with July birthdays often possess especially positive life attitudes and, consequently, face a lower risk of depression as adults. This could be due, studies indicate, to July babies having an above-average ability to balance emotions and not give in to mindless aggression. As a result, they are more likely to maintain composure when having a favorite toy taken away or losing a game. The effects of being able to stabilize emotions often go beyond chill moods and extend into creative confidence: July babies are more likely to become artists, a census report finds, than those born in almost any other month.

July flowers promise endless positivity

July’s first birth flower, the larkspur, is a vivid annual that blooms abundantly in the Northern Hemisphere and high-elevation areas of the African tropics. While thriving outdoors from spring through summer’s conclusion, larkspurs grow from several inches to several feet, and in shades that have come to represent certain qualities: A blue bloom embodies grace and dignity, purple symbolizes a first love, white stands for joy and rebirth, and pink signifies classic romance.

july birthdays with larkspur growing in the wild

Larkspurs of all colors have long been considered sources of positive energy. In the ancient Middle East, the flower was used to repel scorpions, and in 17th century Transylvania, dried larkspurs were kept in farm stables, believed to prevent witches from casting spells on healthy animals. Modern-day, natural healing practitioners still employ larkspur to treat insect stings and external wounds.

The month’s second birth flower is the water lily, similar in form and hue to the legendary lotus, both of which grow below, and bloom through, the surface of fresh water. For thousands of years, the water lily has represented life’s endless cycles of growth and unity; to ancient Egyptians, the flower embodied the concept of human birth, death, and rebirth, while ancient Greeks dedicated water lilies to Hera, goddess of family and marriage.

All water lilies have broad flat leaves and petals that give the flower a star-like shape. They come in a variety of shades, each of which carries a different meaning:

  • Pink = Knowledge and wisdom
  • Purple = Royalty and regality
  • White = The peace of nature

The water lily is not only gorgeous but practical, discouraging algae growth in home water gardens while providing shade for tadpoles and tiny fish.

July’s astrological signs are welcoming and bright

Cancers (June 21–July 22) are born communicators, swift thinkers with unique means of expression, and quirky senses of humor. A Cancer’s mind is somehow both present and dreamy — practical yet emotional — a tenuous balance that if not maintained during life’s ups-and-downs can lead to plenty of second guessing and inaction. Such is the nature of the crab: When threats arrive, it draws into its shell and stays still. All the same, crabs’ shells never hold them; Cancers love social interaction, hold a remarkable ability to read a room, and can make even strangers feel like loved ones, thanks to their capacity for great empathy and compassion. Famous Cancers include Tom Cruise, Margot Robbie, Post Malone, Kevin Bacon, and Princess Diana.

Those born at July’s tail end are Leos (July 23–Aug 22), natural leaders with a born charisma and confidence that perfectly embody their sign’s symbol, the lion. Leos’ normal state of being is warm and joyful, and they certainly do enjoy displaying this radiant nature to all they encounter. If the social spotlight drifts from a Leo, however, he will not hesitate to let out a growl, and should a Leo feel his social circle is being threatened, you will definitely hear roars.

Speaking of which, do Leos ever enjoy making sounds! They live to lead, speak, perform, and receive bountiful praise for the fruits of their expression. Madonna, Ben Affleck, Kylie Jenner, Joe Jonas, and Jennifer Lopez are all Leos.


A former arts & culture writer for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's Pulitzer-winning Patriot News, Jonathan Rowe is a New York-based editorialist and cover writer for SPIN, Men's Fitness and WONDERLUST travel. He has crafted original content and news for Sony Music, Live Nation, Spotify and ESPN and works as a songwriter in conjunction with multiple Grammy winners.

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