… Norma Jean Senger! Norma’s daughter, Brianna Gutierrez sent in this wonderful story about how her mother is her own personal Pink Hero and how her mother inspires her each and every day:

“This month 3 years ago my mom found a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer, soon came a lumpectomy then radiation. Exactly a year after that in this same month cancer cells showed up again and she was then diagnosed with another type of breast cancer. The next step was a full mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. She lost all of her hair, her skin tone changed, she became weak and there were weeks at a time when her grandkids couldn’t even see her because of the risk of her getting sick. When she was well enough to endure more surgery she then had a hysterectomy. Her final step was reconstructive surgery which she is still in the process of. I’ve seen more stitches, pill bottles and drain tubes then I can even count. But I am very happy to say that my mom is cancer free! She is the strongest person I know and no matter how bad the first 2 years were, cancer never got the best of her. She proves that nothing is impossible. She is a elementary school teacher and no matter how sick she got, she never missed more than just a couple of days at school. Her students meant too much to her. My mom didn’t want them suffering just because she was. I have never known anyone with such a big heart and drive. There were times when I would just cry myself to sleep just thinking how sick my mom really was. And you know through all of this the only time I ever saw her shed a single tear is when chemo was kicking in and she had to shave her head. But even then she was the one assuring everyone that all was going to be alright. She is beautiful inside and out and I hope I am at least half the woman she is!

~Briana Gutierrez”

For sharing her remarkable and touching story, Briana has won two Fight To Find A Cure© Personalized Canvas Totebags – one for herself and one for her mother!

The A Personal Touch and PersonalizationMall.com staff would like to thank everyone who submitted their amazing stories and everyone who purchased one of our Breast Cancer Awareness products.

Thank you to all the Pink Heroes out there who inspire us every day to keep fighting to find a cure!


Kate Sabino is the Senior Paid Social Manager at Personalization Mall.

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