Impress your clients with gifts they’ll appreciate and cherish for years. Discover 50 realtor closing gifts for buyers that are unique, thoughtful, personal, and — most important — memorable.

Finding the best closing gifts for your clients can be a challenge. You want them to remember you and recommend you to their friends and family, but you don’t want to come off as pushy and make your thank you gift look like self-promotion.

Follow these three simple rules when choosing the perfect gift for your clients.

Rule 1: Find something they’ll truly enjoy

Over the weeks and months working with your clients, you surely had conversations about their personal interests, hobbies, and likes and dislikes. These can be simple things like: Do they enjoy cooking? Spending time outdoors? Gardening? Sports? Travel? Finding a gift that shows how well you know them will make it more personal and thoughtful.

Rule 2: Personalize it just for them

Personalized gifts always make better gifts. Adding their names, family monogram, home address, and other custom details will make your gifts that much more special and meaningful. They’ll know that you went out of your way to get them something that’s just for them.

Rule 3: Avoid branding

It’s OK to include your business card, magnet, pen, or another small item with your brand along with your gift, but don’t advertise your services on your closing gift. Your gift should be genuine, something they can use and enjoy in their new home. Think of it more like a housewarming gift for a good friend rather than an opportunity to advertise. Remember, this gift is about them, not you.

50 real estate closing gifts under $50

Now that you know how to choose a memorable closing gift, personalize it, and not make it all about you, you’ll want to choose one that won’t break the bank.

Here are 10 of the most popular realtor closing gifts for clients that are both practical and personalized. These gift ideas will be a hit no matter who you’re shopping for, and will fit any budget you’re working with.

1. “New House” Personalized Wine Bottle Label

Say thanks and congrats simply with a bottle of wine that features a personalized wine bottle label. Add up to three lines of text to include your well wishes and name, and optional year printed on the key design. These wine labels work great as part of a gift basket, too, or combined with a set of personalized wine glasses the new homeowners will surely appreciate.

2. “Key to Our Home” Engraved Cutting Board

If your clients love to cook, BBQ, and entertain, they’ll love this custom engraved bamboo cutting board with a lovely antique key design. This versatile piece can be used for kitchen prep work, serving cheese and hors d’oeuvres, or as a decorative piece on a shelf or kitchen counter.

Customize it with any two lines of text and optional year to commemorate your client’s new home purchase. Choose from different cutting board styles and size options, including butcher block and hardwood maple cutting boards. This gift is especially nice for first-time home buyers or newlywed couples.

3. Front Door Greetings Personalized Doormat

One of the first home purchases your clients are likely to make is a doormat, either to use outside in front of their door or inside in their foyer or hallway. It’s a practical gift that will remind them of your help in finding them their home every time they see it.

Choose a simple design and muted colors, and add their family name or individual names as a personal touch that will make a nice impression.

4. “Good to Be Home” Rustic Wall Art

A unique piece of wall art sends the perfect message to brand new homeowners. After searching for a new home, which can take weeks, months, or even longer in some cases, they’ll be glad to be reminded of just how good it is to finally be home.

Customize this rustic wall art with one of six colors and a line of text to include their first names or last name.

5. Monogram Personalized Address Stamp

If you’re looking for a practical gift, any new homeowner will appreciate a custom self-inking address stamp with their new home address. They’ll be ready to send out change of address cards, housewarming party invitations, holiday cards, and any other correspondence in less time and without having to create address labels.

This stamp features a classic design, with a monogram and name front and center.

6. Home Address Yard Sign

Add their new home address or a simple greeting like “Welcome to our home” on this custom garden sign. The magnetic garden sign is interchangeable, so they’ll be able to customize different signs for different seasons, holidays, and special occasions, switching out the designs with ease.

Customize colors, text fonts, icons, and the text to make this gift just for your clients.

7. “Our First Home” Farmhouse Candle Jar

Add your heartfelt thanks and well wishes to this personalized glass candle jar for your clients to enjoy in their new home. Customize the style and color of their front door, including the optional house number, and add your message.

As they enjoy the scents of this fragrant farmhouse-inspired candle, they’ll be reminded of your invaluable help in finding their new home.

8. Custom Latitude & Longitude Wood Sign

This unique wooden sign can be customized with the latitude and longitude coordinates of their new home to create a truly unique piece of wall art. Choose one of five background colors for the sign, and add the coordinates of their home address along with their family name (we show you how to find the coordinates).

9. Classic Monogram Luggage Tags

If you know your clients travel often, customize a set of wooden luggage tags with their new address so they’re ready for the next business trip, weekend getaway, or family vacation. This handsome luggage tag is also great for golf lovers!

10. “Love Grows Here” Personalized Flower Pot

If you know your clients love plants, surprise them with a potted houseplant planted in this adorable personalized flower pot. Their family name or individual names will be custom engraved along the top of the flower pot, creating a very special gift.

Choose from a purple or red flower pot, and find a small houseplant that’s easy to grow, such as African violets, English ivy, jade plant, or a Phalaenopsis orchid.

Closing gifts for their front porch

Help the new homeowners give their guests a warm welcome with practical accessories and decorations for their front porch and entryway.

11. Farmhouse Family Outdoor Throw Pillow

An elegant farmhouse style outdoor throw pillow will help create a friendly accent to their front porch and entryway. Your clients will adore the tasteful and trendy design of this outdoor pillow, and the personalization will make it that much more special.

Add their family name, a short welcome greeting, home address numbers, and other custom details that you think will resonate with them. You can also customize the colors to coordinate with their front door, brick, siding, and other details of their home.

12. “Home Sweet Home” Buffalo Check House Flag

Perfect for your client’s home away from home, a personalized garden sign will offer a warm welcome to their lake house, cottage, lodge, beach house, vacation home, or any second home you’ve helped them find. Customize the background color of the interchangeable magnetic sign, and add your own text to include the established date, their family name, and the name they’ve given their new home.

13. Circle & Vine Monogrammed Garden Flag

Instead of a garden sign, customize an interchangeable garden flag that can be easily updated with new seasons and holidays. Surprise your clients with an elegant design that features their monogram, family name, established date, and other custom details.

The burlap background, black trim, and circle and vine monogram design offer a sophisticated look that will work for any time of year.

14. Home Address Customized Garden Stone

Offer your clients a unique way to display their new home address with a custom garden stone. Choose the text color and icon to be displayed within the design, and add their house number, street name, and other details. If you don’t want to include their names, simply write “welcome” on the top line.

15. House Key Address Slate Plaque

Another unique way to display their house number and address is with a personalized address slate plaque. Choose from four color options, and add their house number, street address, family name, or any text you like.

This gift is especially nice for homeowners who won’t have their house number prominently displayed. They can hang this plaque on their front door, porch, or another visible spot to help guests and visitors easily identify their home.

16. “Key to Our Home” Half Moon Doormat

Our vintage key design is also available in this stylish half-round doormat. Customize the colors and text to create a custom doormat your clients will be proud to display. They can use it in front of their door to catch dirt and moisture from shoes as guests enter their home, or inside as a decorative accent piece in their foyer, hallway, or entryway.

It’s another practical and versatile gift that any homeowners can appreciate.

17. Home Greetings Welcome Door Sign

Offer the new homeowners a great way to welcome their guests to their home with a personalized door sign. This oval sign can easily hang from a hook on the door, giving visitors a warm welcome.

Customize the sign with one of four colors and four greeting options, then add your own text to include the family name, established date, and more. The Home Greetings design includes a number of different items in the collection, so you can purchase a matching doormat, garden flag, coat rack, throw pillows, and more.

18. “Bless This Home” Wooden Door Tag

If you know your clients are religious, then they’ll love this door sign with the phrase “Bless This Home.” This personalized sign is available in a variety of colors and comes in the fun shape of a large tag. You can customize it with any text, which will be printed along the bottom of the sign.

19. Laurel Initial Monogrammed Watering Can

A rustic-style watering can will make a friendly and charming addition to their front porch or garden. Customize this galvanized metal watering can with your client’s initial monogram and family name in your choice of a wide variety of colors.

This is the perfect gift for clients that love to garden or appreciate a more rustic, farmhouse feel. They’ll be able to use this as a traditional watering can or as a vase filled with flowers for a decorative look.

20. Floral Monogram Outdoor Flower Pot

Another gift option for their front porch or garden is a monogrammed flower pot. Your clients will be happy to display this unique flower pot personalized with their family initial and name with an elegant floral monogram design.

Fill it with tulips, daffodils, or another spring bulb flower if you’re purchasing during spring; bright, flowering blooms during summer, such as geraniums or begonias; colorful mums for the fall season; and holly or boxwood during winter months.

Closing gifts for their kitchen

If you know your clients are foodies, or love to cook, bake, or grill, customize a unique kitchen gift they can use and display proudly in their new kitchen.

21. Home State Engraved Cutting Board

Perfect for homeowners relocating to a new state, as well as those who have proudly resided in the same state all their lives, our this engraved cutting board makes a beautiful and practical gift. Customize the design with any U.S. state and up to two lines of text.

This quality cutting board is great for cooking, grilling, and serving food. When not in use, it will serve as a decorative piece on their shelf or kitchen counter.

22. Cozy Home Kitchen Mat

Make their kitchen extra cozy with this personalized kitchen mat. Choose mat size, color, and one of six phrases, such as “Blessed,” “Home,” and “Family,” then include your own line of text. You can also choose to add a comfort tray to make this kitchen mat a pleasure to use, with stress-relieving foam that’s easy on the knees, legs, and back.

The rustic, farmhouse-inspired design of the Cozy Home collection goes well with any home decor, and this versatile mat can be placed in front of the sink, stove, patio door, or anywhere else in your client’s kitchen.

23. “Home Sweet Home” Family Cookie Jar

Let your clients remember you with a custom cookie jar that commemorates the year they found their home sweet home. Customize the colors and text to make this cookie jar one of a kind. Add their family name or individual names, along with the year and a short phrase, such as “Our First Home” or “No Place Like Home.” The vintage key design makes this the perfect welcome home gift and a lasting reminder of your invaluable help.

24. Engraved BBQ Utensil 4-Piece Set

If their affinity for grilling was a frequent topic of conversation while you worked together in finding a home, then you know a BBQ-related gift will be a hit with your clients. Personalize this four-piece BBQ utensil set with your choice of text and fonts to create a practical gift your BBQ-loving clients can appreciate.

Add a name to be custom engraved on the spatula and a funny saying to be featured on the fork, such as “Relish today, ketchup tomorrow.”

25. Family Night Pizza Peel Gift Set

What family doesn’t love pizza? If your clients have kids, then this is the perfect gift for their new kitchen. The pizza set comes with a wooden pizza board, stainless steel pizza rocker, and non-stick pizza crisper. The pizza board is custom engraved with four lines of text to create a fun gift set they can use for family pizza nights.

The bonus: This three-piece set comes packaged in an authentic cardboard pizza box to make your gift presentation even more memorable.

26. Personalized Bamboo Popcorn Bowl

Another great gift for a family is a custom engraved bamboo popcorn bowl. Large enough for their next family movie night or game night, this fun popcorn bowl will feature their name along with a fun tagline below the classic popcorn design. Include a bag of gourmet popcorn or fun board game to complete your gift and make it extra special for the whole family.

27. Engraved Wood Recipe Book

Perfect for old family recipes and new culinary creations, this engraved wood recipe book will make a great addition to their new home. Customize the cover with one of five graphics and your own text. You can also include a set of matching recipe cards, all for under $50.

28. State Pride Personalized Drink Coasters

If your clients love to entertain, they’ll adore these personalized coasters featuring their home state, names, and an optional phrase. You can also customize the coasters’ colors and include a mahogany coaster holder to complete your gift.

These custom coasters will become a great conversation starter at their dinners and events, which will allow your clients to share the information on their amazing realtor naturally.

29. State Pride Personalized Drink Glasses

Instead of the coasters (or in addition to the coasters), you can customize a set of drink glasses with the unique State Pride design. These frosted mason jar glasses will make a great addition to their home bar or kitchen cabinet. Add the year they moved into their new home or another phrase to commemorate the new chapter in their lives.

30. Wine Accessory 5-Piece Kit

Any wine loving homeowner will appreciate a handy wine accessory kit. Cleverly concealed in a wine bottle box, this kit includes a corkscrew, bottle pourer (also known as a cortagota), wine collar, foil cutter, and bottle stopper — essentially, everything but the wine and wine glasses.

The wine bottle container can be personalized with three lines of text below the cheerful “Uncork Some Happy” phrase. It’s a nice little gift they can use when entertaining or simply enjoying a bottle of wine at home.

Closing gifts for their new home

New house means new home decor. Most homeowners are excited to have a fresh, new look and feel in their new home and look forward to making their house a home. Help them get off to a good start with personalized home decor accents, including wall art, shelf and tabletop decor, blankets, pillows, and more.

31. Cozy Home Personalized Wooden Sign

Displayed on a mantel or shelf, or hung on a wall, this real basswood plank sign will add a rustic, homey touch to any room in their home. Available in two sizes, the sign comes in three natural color options and can be customized with six phrases and any line of text you choose to add.

The wooden sign is printed with ink, but it looks like it’s been stained and beautifully carved. The genuine wood and bark edges give this home decor piece a hand-crafted feel.

32. New Home Personalized Throw Pillows

This fun throw pillow design is sure to remind them of the day they moved into their new home. Add their family name and established year to be incorporated into the unique stamp design featuring a loving phrase, such as “Live – Laugh – Love” or “Love Is Family.”

Choose from four phrase options and six design colors printed on a tan-colored textured fabric. It will make a perfect accent to a bench, chair, sofa, or bed.

33. Home Wreath Shiplap Picture Frame

This farmhouse-inspired wooden picture frame resembles a piece that was built out of shiplap, with three separate pieces of wood that have been joined together to create the frame. The home wreath design makes it the perfect housewarming gift.

Personalize it for your clients with any two lines of text printed above and below the picture opening by adding a short phrase, their family name, established year, or even the date they closed on their home.

34. Key to Our Home Scented Candle

All new homeowners want to create a welcoming environment for guests in their new home, and nothing does that better than scented candles. And this scented candle jar can be a great reminder to make their new home a loving environment for everyone who lives there, too.

Your clients will appreciate this beautiful personalized candle, which can be customized with colors, scents, and your own text to make it just for them.

35. Greenery Monogrammed Table Runner

If your clients like to entertain or have a big family, a personalized table runner makes a thoughtful and practical gift. This clean and elegant farmhouse-inspired design is on-trend, and the custom details you add will make this a gift they can enjoy often.

36. “Live Laugh Love” Personalized Coat Rack

This personalized coat rack is a practical and decorative piece any new homeowner can appreciate. It can hang in the foyer, the hallway, the mud room, or even a bathroom or closet. The extra hooks will come in handy for hanging coats and jackets, towels and bathrobes, or even a bag and the dog’s leash. The possibilities are endless.

The simple and elegant “Live, Laugh, Love” design can be customized with any text underneath, and the wood plank coat rack will go well with any home decor scheme.

37. “Be Our Guest” Shiplap Wall Decor

Let your clients welcome their guests with rustic, farmhouse charm. This shiplap-style wall decor features the phrase “Be our guest” along with any text printed underneath. You can customize the sign’s shape, size, and color, and add their family name or individual names below the text graphic.

This piece of wall art will look great in their entryway, guest bedroom or bathroom, or anywhere else in their home where they expect to host guests.

38. State of Love Shelf Decor

This set of four wooden shelf blocks will make a great decorative piece displayed on their mantel, bookcase, or wall shelf. The “O” in home can be customized with the shape of any U.S. state and up to four lines of text printed over the state graphic. You can also customize the color scheme of the square blocks by choosing from four neutral color options.

39. “There’s No Place Like Home” Custom Blanket

You can also incorporate the Sate of Love design on a personalized blanket. Easily customize the blanket size, color, and U.S. state, then add your own text to include your clients’ first names or family name along with two additional lines of text, one above and one below the design.

The personalized blanket will look great draped over a sofa or chair, and the cozy, soft fleece will be especially inviting on colder days.

40. Home State Personalized Canvas Print

Here is another great design that incorporates their home state. These square canvas prints are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be customized with any U.S. state, names, established date, and more.

These canvas prints are especially great for clients that have relocated from another state, but they also make great gifts for newlyweds who purchased their first home in one state but got married in another.

Closing gifts for their first Christmas in a new home

Whether your clients purchased their home right before the holidays or you simply want to send them a nice Christmas gift, these 10 picks are perfect for the holiday season. Choose from decorative holiday accents, such as a winter-themed garden flag, doormat, or table runner. Or go with something simple and inexpensive, such as a Christmas ornament, which will make a memorable keepsake for many years to come.

41. Engraved Key Christmas Ornament

Personalized Christmas ornaments are always a great gift option, and this custom engraved wooden key ornament makes the perfect real estate closing gift for your clients. Present it in the velvet gift pouch it comes in, or drape it over a bottle of wine or champagne as a wine bottle tag.

Customize the top of the key with either “Home sweet home” or “First Christmas in our new home,” then add your clients’ name, address, year, or a special message.

42. “Our New Home” Christmas Ornament

Available in five color options, this porcelain ornament will make a wonderful Christmas keepsake your clients will look forward to hanging on their tree year after year.

Customize the text to include a special thank you message, or simply add their new home address, year, family name, and more.

43. Gingerbread House Christmas Ornament

This adorable gingerbread house design will be a hit with the kids! The colorful little house looks like a Christmas cookie covered in sugary frosting and candy details. Add up to three lines of text, two on the white roof of the house and one in the snow below, along with an optional year or house number on the door.

44. Happy New Home Christmas Ornament

This design cleverly incorporates a house and key with cute heart details on both. The silver metal ornament is custom etched with up to three lines of text. Add the house number and street address, their family name, or a fun phrase that your clients will love.

45. “No Place Like Home” Christmas Doormat

This festive Christmas doormat will remind your clients how fortunate they are to be spending the holidays in their new home. The quote says it all: There’s no place like home for the holidays!

46. Holiday Bear Family Characters Garden Flag

This holiday garden flag offers a great way to include every member of the client’s family. Add up to six names along with the family name or a holiday greeting on top. The flag will display two adult bears and up to four small bears, each holding a sign with their name.

47. Holiday Cookie Jar

What family doesn’t love baking cookies for the holidays? Give them the perfect place to store all their yummy Christmas cookies with this personalized cookie jar.

Choose from “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” as the design, and add their family name or a phrase, such as “Johnson’s Holiday Cookies” or “Baked with Love.”

48. Watercolor Christmas Wood Centerpiece Box

The farmhouse festive watercolor design that’s featured on this wooden centerpiece box is just lovely — it’s a timeless look that will coordinate with any holiday decor. The practical wood box can be used to display Christmas cards, or hold candles, ornaments, and other holiday decorations.

You can customize it with any two lines of text in two unique, trendy fonts. Include a holiday greeting, their family name, established date, and other personal details.

49. Scenic Snowflakes Personalized Table Runner

Surprise your clients with a festive holiday table runner that was made just for them. This custom embroidered table runner will make a charming addition to their holiday table. Customize it with two lines of text, such as their family name or a special message, and choose from three color options.

50. “Merry and Bright” Christmas Wine Label

Make your clients’ winter days merry and bright with a good bottle of holiday wine and a personalized wine bottle label to make it just for them. Include your message on the bottom of the label wishing them a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year.

These wine labels can be purchased in multiple quantities so you can give them out to all the clients who closed on a new home this year. Add a personalized ornament as a bottle tag, and your gifts are sure to be a hit!


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.


  1. Ryan Howard Reply

    These are great ideas. I wholeheartedly agree with avoiding branding these gifts. If you want the recipient to enjoy them, it’s much better if they do not have a corporate logo.

    My favorite idea is the personalized stamp with address. As long as people are still sending snail mail, this one will be a time saver and adds a nice personal touch.

    The welcome mat is a great, classic gift for a good reason. A definite winner.

  2. Kent Staining Reply

    What a great gift ideas. Great for not only realtors but for us small business owners too to show client appreciation with personalized gift ideas. Thank you for putting together this list.

  3. What a great gift ideas. Great for not only realtors but for us small business owners too to show client appreciation with personalized gift ideas.

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