Christmas decorating can be almost as fun as Christmas itself. Take your home’s holiday style up a notch this year with an expertly coordinated look that will have everyone raving. Read on to learn how to decorate for Christmas like a pro in just three easy steps.

1. Choose Your Holiday Theme

The first step in coordinating your holiday décor is determining what you want your look to be. Will you take a creative approach with a coastal, modern or rustic theme or stick with traditional Christmas decorations? Will you keep colors classic red and green or try an eye-catching, monochrome approach that focuses on silver, gold, blue or another favorite color of your choice? The possibilities are practically endless, but identifying your overall holiday theme up front will make choosing individual Christmas decorations easier in the long run.

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Beyond coordinating decorations with each other, you can reach new holiday décor heights by choosing a look that complements your home’s existing style. Your furniture, wall colors, window dressings and even your home’s architecture all can serve as anchors for a fully coordinated holiday style.

2. Be A Matchmaker

Besides matching your holiday décor based on color or theme, one great way to tie your look together is with several pieces that echo the same design or message. Delight your guests with thematic holiday greetings that pop up throughout your home, like a special holiday message doormat that coordinates with a rustic holiday sign, canvas prints and even personalized Christmas tree ornaments. Instead of simply hanging up your Christmas stockings, coordinate your look with personalized stockings and a matching embroidered Christmas tree skirt.

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Of course, coordinating your décor based on design elements is only the beginning. Browse our full selection of personalized Christmas decorations to discover the right combination of custom touches to achieve a one-of-a-kind holiday look that celebrates your unique family and the holiday season alike.

3. Add Small, Custom Touches

Simple logic dictates that the more decorations you have, the more opportunities there are to coordinate them. So instead of merely sticking to the holiday basics by adorning your Christmas tree, fireplace and front door and calling it a day, find places throughout your home to add special seasonal touches to tie your entire home décor theme together.

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Try swapping in some custom Christmas picture frames for your regular ones, design a dining table centerpiece using a glass bowl full of beautiful Christmas ornaments, or dress up your family room with festive holiday throw pillows. Look for nooks and crannies that offer new opportunities to inject some festive cheer, and get creative! The key to achieving a coordinated look is selecting decorations that match the overall theme. Apply the same rules to these special touches as you would to major decorations like your tree or mantle, and you’ll have a completely coordinated look in no time.

Learning how to coordinate your Christmas decorations may require a little extra thought, but the results are rewarding. Keep the basics in mind, like making sure your Christmas decorations stick to the style you selected and looking for hidden opportunities to add to your overall décor, and you’ll have a stunning holiday display that’s worthy of this special season.


Kasia Lorenc is a writer and editor at Personalization Mall, covering gifting, home decorating and more.

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