Tomorrow is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, celebrated around the world with hot, delicious, toasty, cheesy heaven in your mouth delights. The best way to observe this wonderfully delectable day of the year is, of course, with a grilled cheese sandwich. But to make this day extra special, we recommend experimenting with one (or all) of these amazing grilled cheese recipes.

We scoured the web in search of the best and most unique grilled cheese sandwich recipes for you to try. From simple, few ingredients recipes to full-blown, meat, veggie, fruit and herbs sandwiches, these are tried and tested — and delicious!

But first, let’s define what makes a grilled cheese sandwich.

What Makes A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

While many types of sandwiches incorporate cheese and bread, a grilled cheese is a closed sandwich with sliced bread on both sides and cheese as the main ingredient. A grilled cheese is toasted with butter (and/or mayo) until golden brown on both sides and until the cheese is completely melted. It’s served hot, toasty and gooey and best enjoyed alone or with a cup of tomato soup.

The key to adding additional ingredients to a classic grilled cheese is to go lightly so that the cheese is still the main focus of the sandwich. The add-ons should complement the cheese, but not steal the show.

Now to our top 10 amazing savory and sweet grilled cheese sandwich recipes. Make sure to tell us which ones you tried and liked the most!

1. Bacon Jam Grilled Cheese

Our first amazing grilled cheese recipe calls for bacon jam. No, it’s not bacon covered in jam; it’s jam made from bacon. And yes, it’s a real thing. You’ll fall in love with the savory sweetness of this creation when it’s incorporated in a perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Once you create the bacon jam the recipe is pretty simple and we’re absolutely sure you’ll enjoy it, whether you’re a bacon fan or not.

>> Get the Recipe: Bacon Jam Grilled Cheese by The Recipe Rebel

2. The Kennebunkport Lobster Grilled Cheese

This 2013 Grilled Cheese Academy Gold Winner won’t disappoint. The sandwich incorporates creamy Mascarpone and rich, gooey Provolone cheeses along with delicious Maine lobster. What gives this decadent grilled cheese a nice kick is the butter that’s infused with chili paste and toasted until golden on both sides.

>> Get the Recipe: The Kennebunkport Lobster Grilled Cheese by Veronica Callaghan

3. Chorizo & Peppadew Pepper Grilled Cheese

This flavor-packed grilled cheese uses Gran Queso cheese, Mexican chorizo sausage and pickled peppadew peppers. The peppadew peppers add sweetness and mild heat to the sandwich, while the chorizo adds the real kick. But the key ingredient in this recipe is the Spanish-style cheese (you can also substitute Gran Queso for Manchego cheese).

>> Get the Recipe: Chorizo & Peppadew Pepper Grilled Cheese by FoodieCrush

4. Brie & Nutella Grilled Cheese

Nutella lovers will fall over for this amazing hazelnut butter packed grilled cheese. Incorporating soft Brie in a grilled cheese is ingenious, because the cheese is perfect for melting and a great accompaniment to sweets, including hazelnut butter. This super simple recipe is the perfect dessert grilled cheese.

>> Get the Recipe: Brie & Nutella Grilled Cheese from Serious Eats

5. Banana Bread, Brie & Chocolate Grilled Cheese

Another desert style grilled cheese, this sweet, melty goodness combines banana bread with dark chocolate and Brie. You’ll need thick slices of banana bread that are grilled on both sides in butter on low heat while the Brie and chocolate in the middle have time to mingle and melt. It’s yet another simple, yet totally amazing sweet grilled cheese that will quickly become your favorite.

>> Get the Recipe: Banana Bread, Brie & Chocolate Grilled Cheese by How Sweet It Is

6. Artichoke Arugula Pesto Grilled Cheese

In this recipe the pesto is the star of the show, melting with the bread and the sharp cheddar cheese on both sides to add a punch of fresh flavor that’s also great when you add bacon or grilled chicken to this sandwich. The pesto is made with artichoke hearts, baby arugula, walnuts, fresh lemon juice and spices.

>> Get the Recipe: Artichoke Arugala Pesto Grilled Cheese by Kitchen Treaty

7. Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

This cauliflower grilled cheese is the furthest from a traditional grilled cheese, because it doesn’t use bread. Instead, the toasted cauliflower mixture creates the “bread” that holds the cheese in the middle. Although it’s not a true grilled cheese, it tastes amazing and it’s a healthy option for those staying away from bread.

>> Get the Recipe: Cauliflower Grilled Cheese from Delish

8. Italian Grilled Cheese

This Italian grilled cheese recipe also strays away from the tradition by being broiled and not toasted. Yet it’s a simple — and simply delicious — recipe that’s easy to make and goes great with vodka marinara sauce. It incorporates thick sliced garlic bread and shredded mozzarella cheese to produce a crunchy, gooey grilled cheese.

>> Get the Recipe: Italian Grilled Cheese

9. Peach Grilled Cheese With Miso & Black Sesame Butter

Peaches on a grilled cheese might sound like an odd combination, but boy does this sandwich work! The real star of the show is the compound butter made by mixing in miso and black sesame seeds that’s spread on both sides of the bread and grilled to perfection. The thinly sliced peach and mozzarella cheese go on the inside to perfectly complement the saltiness of the miso butter.

>> Get the Recipe: Peach Grilled Cheese With Miso & Black Sesame Butter

10. Caramel Strawberry & Brie Grilled Cheese

We’re ending our amazing list of grilled cheese recipes with another sweet Brie grilled cheese, this one incorporating fresh strawberries and caramel. The bread is first treated with a butter and sugar mixture before being topped with melted Brie, caramel topped strawberries and some fresh grated nutmeg. This one is as delicious as it looks!

>> Get the Recipe: Caramel Strawberry & Brie Grilled Cheese by Lady & Pups


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