My soccer playing six-year old taught me a valuable lesson this summer on how to take life a little slower and enjoy the little things.

Last night was my six-year-old daughter’s first soccer game of the summer. It was a perfect evening (except for the occasional dragonfly who came to visit!) Watching a team of six-year-olds play soccer is very amusing, as you constantly remind them which goal is theirs. Of course, they are more interested in picking dandelions or doing cartwheels than actually playing soccer. But when the opposing team scored two goals in a row, our team starting paying attention.

Coach Dave encouraged them to work together and focus. That they did, and to my wonderment, my daughter scored a goal! This was a VERY big deal for both her and her proud parents! They didn’t win the game, but that didn’t matter. She called Grandma on the way home, bragging about her feat.  We stopped for an ice cream cone to celebrate. This is what summer is all about… celebrating the simple pleasures in life.  Taking life just a little slower.

I learn many lessons from my 6-year old, including the joy of spontaneity. And we keep her favorite personalized travel chair in the trunk, just for that reason. It’s perfect for last minute visits to the park or beach.  Or just for resting between soccer plays!  And with her name proudly displayed across the back, there’s no question who’s having all the fun this summer!  This mom plans to enjoy it too!


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